Done Wasting DNA on Indoraptor

Exactly as the title says. I am done. After 4 10 DNA attempts (that’s 200 Indominus DNA and 8,000 raptor), that’s it. I am not sinking anymore into it. It’s a trash dinosaur with way to many counters now. I actually enjoy fighting one, because it loses 99% of the time to my team.

Sound off if you’re through with this garbage fusion system.




I just did an Inominus fuse since I found a T-rex and got just over 100 dna…

I got a 50 and a 90… it is what it is.

i’m still after it, as my main goals within this game are to:

  1. unlock all dinosaurs
  2. live the rest of my useless life in the sorna marshes

what i am punishing myself for, i have no idea.


I’ve got 20,10,10,10, 20, 10 :sweat_smile:


10,10,20,30,10,20 for me… bane of my life


I’m not through with fusion. Plenty of hybrids keep giving me big fusions.

But Indominus and Indoraptor are mostly 10’s. Indoraptor is just too slow and I kind of like immunity so I’m just giving it to Indominus.

have some faith. most will be 10/20, but you’ll get some big ones in there too that will even it out.


Got a 50, 80, and my first 100 leveling up an ankylocodon in the same session. With sprinkles of 10, 20. Even got a 50 with stegodeus. RNG either smiles on you or rips your face off.

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I have not gotten anything over 30 DNA in a few weeks. Maybe a 40. I am sorry, I am not playing a game to progress on chance anymore. Not to that extreme amount. I am more happy to spend 50 Epic for a fuse than 2,000 DNA. At least I can get 150+ DNA from a single dart run which is 3 attempts per encounter in the wild.

I no longer can justify spending that much DNA. I came to play a Dinosaur VR game, not a slot machine gambling game.


In my case it took 9 fuses to create it. I don’t remember exactly how many DNAs I got from each fuse, but the average was 25 per fuse.

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I never bothered trying to create it because raptor DNA is too valuable to me. Especially after the v1.3 update when the raptors kinda disappeared and killed night hunting.


Thats always what i get right there on all the infuse dinos… They should make the Indoraptor be worth atleast 50 each shot with the amt of dna being so high

I think Indoraptor should have a regular crit stat of 5%. It’s already OP which is ok for uniques but that crit is one drop too much.

I’ve noticed if I save my dna and do multiple fuses at once I tend to get higher outcomes, vs fusing every time I’m able to. Don’t know if there is any validity to this but I’ve decided to do it this way :woman_shrugging:t2: I used to fuse for my indiminous every time I had enough raptor dna and I would always get 10. Took me forever to go from 16-17.

What are you working on instead? Leveling up your indominous? I’m always curious what dinos people are working on over others :hugs:

I can only afford to work on my team these days. It would cost too much to level up another dino just to try it out. I’ll probably try some new ones after the tournament though. My Indominus is still sitting at level 16. I used it when I created it but the cloak was garbage for me so I took it off the team shortly after that. Plus, I enjoy using T-Rex and Velociraptor, so I didn’t want to sacrifice those 2 for one gambling dino. My T-rex is a tank crusher and can sometimes drop 3 dinos in a match. I can level up one more dino before the tournament is over (unless Tapjoy finally pays up) and it’ll probably be Postimetrodon if I can’t gather enough T-Rex DNA before the week’s over. I have enough DNA to fuse any dino on my team to the next level (except the ones that require stego because both of those just leveled up) but I’m probably gonna go with Posti because it’s a good starter and always needs to be stronger.


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Oh yeah you would crush me!! That’s cool that you’ve diviated from the norm of going after all the high prizes dinos and instead are just working on leveling what you have. I probably should have done that. Would have been better to just keep leveling a select few instead of trying to go for all of them :pensive:


Yeah I pretty much just focus on what I can find a lot of while hunting. One thing I learned from battling level 30 bots when I first started playing is that anything can be a beast if it’s high enough level.


it is one of the few usable dinos with a defense shattering rampage, and is basically a must have on your team right now with the current meta. it might suck to make it, but if you can, you should.

irex is meh, trex not super great and velociraptor is worthless. might as well.