Done With Game - Lost Account Data

So, two weeks ago Ludia lost my account data with a 10029 error. I had spent months building a dino team and reaching my current level. Their solution is to start over, but this time for me to make sure I am connected to GooglePlay - I WAS CONNECTED TO GOOGLEPLAY!! Obviously support did not read the emails and information I had sent.

Very unhappy with Ludia and their support. Anyway, done with this nonsense. Back to PokemonGo.

Now to try and get the $17 I spent back.

I’m sorry to hear this @jvpeters, and I understand your frustration. I’ve bought this up with our support team, and they would be more than happy to try and assist you again with this. However, it could take some more time for their investigation, but our staff will try to get back to you ASAP, and they appreciate your patience.

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Sorry to hear your account was borked, that sux man.

As far as 17 dollars, lol.

I have spent into 3 digits and im casual as heck. There are people spending 4 digit numbers and I bet a few are even spending 5 digit numbers over time.

Anyway, have fun with My Little Pony, errr I mean PoGo.


Hopefully they don’t lose your data GorillaGlue.

The $17 is more on the principle of it. Heck, I spend that much on lunch some days. It’s really the aggravation of spending months building a team only to have them get a server error that nukes all of my game progress. And then their suggestion is to start over and try again??

3 to 5 digits on a phone game? Now, that’s crazy - lol.

Yeah, had gone off of Poke - but at least it still has my data from a year ago. Not building up a team again only to have Ludia lose it once more. At least Niantic knows how to do server management. And realistically Poke has more robust gameplay.

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17$ :joy::joy: hardest i laughed all day

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Yep, I agree it’s not much money. But Ludia is not a charity. Not giving them money if they nuked my account.

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Yeah, I hope they dont either bro. I understand what that means and what you are going through right now. I am sympathetic and feel bad for you. The data loss is devastating.

Just sayin, I dont think I would have even mentioned the 17 bucks, that sux but its not devastating or anything.

I think u should retry linking ur account and double check ur linked in ur settings

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Agreed GG - not at all devastating, but why pay Ludia anything when they nuke your account is what I am saying. They also ate up hours of my time having me pull information and send it to them. Information that they clearly never looked at.

Honestly, it will end up costing Ludia a lot more than $17 by having to go through the refund process - and that’s kind of the point.

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Thanks Ned, but kind of done with Ludia and JWA at this point. After all that time and effort spent to give them the information they never read the emails apparently. Otherwise why would they suggest that next time I use GooglePlay to make sure my data is saved? I did use GooglePlay and that is made very clear in the support emails where I give them the account information.

To suggest that someone just start all over is ludicrous.

damn, humblebrag much?

f’en rich people.

Yeah, I can see where it might look like that Julien, but it’s not a brag, trust me. Just try getting lunch in the SF Bay Area sometime. A sandwich is $12, a bowl of noodles is $14. Add a drink for $3.50 and you’re well over $17. All the tech stuff around here have made the prices crazy.

The really rich people are the ones who can afford to spend 3 to 5 digits on a phone game. :):grinning:

we are reading

Thanks J.C. Please let me know if I have said something inappropriate, but think I have stated the facts clearly without being derogatory to forum members or Ludia.

Glad I’m not the only one who has experienced the same issue. I have lost all my progress and when I logged in using my Google account like I always do, I am back to square one. Very frustrating since I put in so much time and a small amount of money. Is there any chance of this being fixed.

Yes, the original thread on this had 5.5K views, so we can at least console ourselves in the fact that it seems to be happening to a lot of people. I know at least one person who got their account back.

All of my other applications work fine with GooglePlay, this is the only application which has failed for me.

After two weeks of waiting Ludia told me the information cannot be recovered.

I signed up, and log in through spambook, I guess I am just as at risk of this happening as using google play?

Anyone who spends 5 figures on a game needs to see a financial advisor/therapist

Haha, I really hope this isn’t true :joy:


assuming they have any money left, that is.


This is true … a co-pay is about the same price as an incubator, and you already know how that decision would end up