Done with this stupid battle nonsense

How the hell do my opponents get so MANY CRITICAL HITS with similar dinos. I just saw around 30 in my last 10 battles. I just can’t anymore compared to like only 3 or 4 by me. Tired of going thru such BS for a stupid incubator.

Uninstalled. Hopped in for one last battle and the first hit is a CRITICAL.


Not surprised, the oceans are salty.


Cry more pls!

LOL I’m not. Just so frustrated.

I can understand. Seems my Indominus Rex can hardly avoid a blow (20%), the Minomimus can’t evade (20%), stunning blows seem to work (10%) , but my opponents seems to evade at 80% and stun my creatures at 90%.

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yesterday I won a lot of battle, hit a lot of cloaked dinos, not received critics even from I. Rex. or indoraptor…

today is just the contrary.

Don’t blame the game mechanics because of bad decisions or strategy.

RNG (or luck… depending on its positive or negative impact on your game) is not a problem.

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Finally someone backing up their words. I hear “I’m quitting”. All the time, just to see that person back a month later.

Not that I agree with OP. I love this game. I’m just happy to see someone with some resolve.

You only really know what’s happening on your side.
However, do you know how many critics has your rival received previously?

The same with dodging/hitting dinos.
RNG works (or not) for everyone without exception.

Doesn’t matter. I’ve never been on the good end of striking more criticals. Game is broken.

not for your opponents, of course.

Bye Felicia