Don't abandon us :(

Give us more info about what is going on with game development, like Update schedules, an overall view about what is being worked on for the next patch, or pretty much any info you can give us about what is coming next and when should we expect those things.

Last big update was Clan system (like, 3 months ago?) and since then we don’t have any News about upcoming updates… We feel like the game has been abandoned by the creators… Those weekly events schedule helped us to feel less abandoned, it was nice to know that Ludia still think about the game.

So thats it… My suggestion is pretty much: Interact more with us, let us know that you guys are working on it.

Update: I just saw a pop-up in game about the Dragon’s tome… Thats nice, but give us more info on fórum too :smiley:


We’re still here with you, @IronBull, and everyone else too!

If our team has any new information to share, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update here as soon as we can. :smiley:


Abandon? Never!

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