Dont be fooled by alloraptors in game model

Found this image(not sure if it’s fake or not) but apparently alloraptor is massive (top right).
Also I thought this art was :fire:


It looks the same size as a regular raptor in game so I really doubt its that big.

I believe it’s concept art made by Ludia for Alloraptor. They’ve made much art similar to this.


The in game models aren’t the most consistent anyway. Like Argentinosaurus looks like it’s the same size as Diplodocus. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they intended Alloraptor to be massive, the raptor model is just on the smaller side.


Yeah, canonically a creature could be massive or tiny, but they have to adapt to in-game’s model.
Take Suchomimus for example, due to it having the Indominus model they made it larger than T-Rex, when it obviously isn’t, but I-Rex is, so they had to fit its size for it. Utahraptor and Dakota are supposed to be the largest dromaeosaurs in the game but are fit to Velociraptor’s size.

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Yeah, a scorpios rex looks bigger than a T-rex…
Well I doubt that indoraptor was bigger in size compared to scorpios rex in movie and series respectively…
And Indotaurus is also so small compared to it’s concept art…

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