Don't bother

We are a small alliance and we are fairly pathetic. We are now looking to add active members to help with sanctuaries and alliance missions. If you want to join, we can help you be pathetic too. Contact me if you’re ready for a change.

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Sorry. Have to ask. But didnt you say you have a flagged account and can only play against other flagged accounts?


When he said “if youre looking for a change” he wasnt kidding. Join him and youll get a brand new joystick AND a completely new competition pool to play against

From the tourney thread

And I have to respond. Yes, I do have flagged account. I have been open about that. Anyone may think what they choose. I am simply looking to build our alliance. Feel free to attack.

Not attacking. Just wondering if you only battle flagged accounts are you able to transfer DNA to none flagged accounts?

Yes, I can donate to alliance members. People always assume the worst and it’s senseless on my part to explain or attempt any sort of defense.

That’s the current system. Maybe you can get it changed.

I dont know the reason why u have a flagged account. But if it is for spoofing I don’t think you should be able to transfer DNA. Cause if that’s allowed what is preventing any alliance from adding a spoofer account just to transfer DNA to everyone?

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I have noticed that some of my opponents have had their trophy counts frozen for weeks. Maybe they have been habitual offenders.

Everyones are frozen at 0 now…lol

You make a good point. I don’t know if anything would prevent it, but I would think that they would be low level if it’s a second account.

But I mean for the past month or so, some players trophies never change. Even after battling them.

So the point of this was to maybe get a couple more alliance members for the sanctuaries. You know, have some more fun with it. So I guess I shouldn’t start any threads.

Why even bother playing if you just spoof? whats the point? Just go out and dart dinosaurs like you are supposed to =/

Never once even Googled for a way to cheat in this game, it would take away an sense of earning what I have got!

I remember years ago in the days of the very first Sims game on PC, played it sooooo long building up a house and so forth and then my friend told me that there is a money cheat for unlimited money, used it and it killed the game for me!

Will never do the same to JWA!

Also I wish flagged accounts had a symbol showing if they have cheated, that way we can make sure not to invite any cheaters to our alliance as to avoid corruption.
For the record if anyone in my alliance is found spoofing or cheating or abusing a known exploit they are GONE! Instant kick, no warning no second chance, I don’t want them!

Life is good.