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Don't complain about Cenozoic Creatures!

Recently i’m seeing a lot of people angry that cenozoic creatures are being added into the game.

And why all this?

Have I never seen anyone complain that the game has pterosaurs,but complain about Cenozoic creatures?WHY?

In the films themselves there are creatures that are not dinosaurs!!!

Imagine the game with only dinosaurs? Goodbye all those wonderful creatures that are not dinosaurs! (Pterosaurus,Sphenacodontidae,Pseudosuchia and more)

And most likely your creature that you love so much, wouldn’t exist in this game (Magnapyritor,example).


Stop complaining about something that means nothing while we have bigger problems!

(Bugs, Extremely strong creatures, People who abuse boosts)

The only problem with them launching these creatures which is not all appear on the map (this is a problem, you will be right to complain)

Thanks for your attention,I hope you respect my opinion on the newly added Creatures

Instead of complaining, give thanks. Ludia great work in adding wonderful creatures like Titanoboa (although it doesn’t appear on the map)

have a good day!


Stop the hate!
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:= X


I once complained about cenozoics until Oogway appeared
But if aquatics are added however…


Because there are cooler creatures than the Cenozoics (like Titanoboa!). Idk about you but I play this game for the cool hybrids. If this game had perfect battling and ugly dinosaurs I wouldn’t play it. Lol


My biggest gripe is that there are 700+ species of Dinosaurs. We’ve barely scratched the surface with some of the cooler ones. Also, Synapsids rock! Please, more of those. Oh! And then there are creatures like Desmatosuchus! We don’t need a fawning deer.


Absolutely! Some of the cenos are ok, like the snakes and turtle, but even then dinosaurs and prehistoric lizards are way cooler! And there are so many iconic dinos as well that haven’t been added.


I’d like to see more synapsids.


THANK YOU! GOSH! I’m sick of everyone complaining. Listen up, this game isn’t all about dinosaurs. The majority of creatures are dinosaurs. There’s not that many cenozoics. Stop freaking out! Exclusives do suck, complain about that all you want. But seriously? Imma say it. I’m GLAD we got cenozoics. It adds a bit of prehistoric variety, also if this game was Dino only, then you can kiss goodbye to pterosaurs and crocodilians. No grypolyth, no quetzorion, no pterovexus, all those fan favourites gone! So stop complaining about cenozoics. They add variety, yes I do agree with adding more dinos, but it doesn’t mean cenozocis are bad! Thylacotator and smilonemys are awesome!


Hey imma anger all the cenozoic haters.


Dire Wolf (Epic)

3200 Health
1400 Attack
127 Speed
0% Armour
10% Crit Chance

Cautious Strike (makes sense for a wolf.)
Percise Pounce
Instant Distraction
(Swap In Ferocity)


Patience is a virtue as they say. We have years ahead of us with JWA. Plenty of time to add lots of new dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, cenozoic animals and creatures from before the Mesozoic.


My Trilobite is so gonna own your Arthropleura in patch 1.37!


Just you wait until my Sollasina Cthulu gets a hold of it! :rofl:

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Titanoboa is a cenozoic. Not mammal, but still


I like the snake, from what I can see of it so far, it adds a new dimension to the game…yes we should add more dinos as well to keep things from getting stale…but the new creatures are fun as well :slight_smile:


Carbonemys And Titanoboa are reptiles! Look, we still have lots of dinos. That doesn’t mean we can’t have cenozoics. I like the variety of:
The main stars aka dinosaurs, pterosaurs, other reptiles like crocs, Carbonemys and titanoboa and the extinct mammals. It’s nice to have variety. Don’t be so toxic.


I love it when there are complaints about complaints. :exploding_head: Complaintception


No one is shouting at you. I too prefer dinosaurs and other mesozoic reptiles over prehistoric mammals. However, the addition of other prehistoric creatures is a good thing. Variety is the spice of JWA. :t_rex:


You earned that heart. You nailed it. He’s being immature and sensitive. I’m not shouting. I’m just saying what your saying, variety is nice. And I do prefer dinosaurs, but that doesn’t mean I’ll throw a tantrum over a snake being added to the game.

Oh give over. I’m not personally all that bothered about non-dinos, but I do object to people telling us how we should play the game and what we should want. The tone of the post is shouty, lecturey and preachy. I just took the mickey out of that. I’m sorry that is a problem for you. :+1:

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I don’t dislike cenozoics, I don’t think anyone is complaining specifically about that. However, since 1.7 all we ever have been getting is mostly cenozoics and little to no dinosaurs and it’s honestly getting annoying at this point, especially with every update, almost every cenozoic that is pushed, hyped and forced down our throat is exclusive in some way. I personally think we need a variety of both