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Don't ever introduce a new feature on Friday

If you can’t afford to have someone fix issues during the weekend, don’t just start a new thing and disappear for 2-3 days.

Forget the fix, wasn’t there anyone who could be contacted to give the confirmation of the obvious - “Yes, it is not intended to be able to fight and win medals vs AI in the Tournament. Please create a new topic in the forum stating that those wins will not count!”
How long would have that taken really?

Now you take responsibility and don’t want to be unfair towards the cheaters, so they are not only not banned(this part I can understand, there was a lot going on) but also get huge rewards. What about everyone who gave up on the tournament when they found out what’s going on? What about those who didn’t even have a button to play vs AI? Worst of all, what about the people who kept grinding the entire time fairly, refusing to play vs bots and getting 1 in 7 matches to load up succesfully, just to see all that handicap didn’t allow them to get ranked in top 500. Where’s the fairness towards them? Thanks for the 2500 coins I guess.

Honestly, I know people around here demand compensation for every little thing, and a lot of the time they are not on the right side. But if you want to talk about taking responsibility and being fair here, you should extend that to the whole playerbase.


Good thing their running the same tournament this weekend… bet it will run smoothly as everything else 1.7 related


It would probably be a good idea to always drop the updates on a Monday for this reason. However, I suspect that tournaments are meant for a Friday to Sunday run to allow more players the opportunity to partake.

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So in this case it has to be very good tested. And there has to be someone who can interrupt and fix it if something goes wrong

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Yeah they need someone to monitor these things… one guy with a data feed could detected their was an issue with that tournament from his couch…

It’s called common sense, right?

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Yes please, not on friday… lol