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Dont exict

I just left my new alliance. I dont know but it felt like my precents was 0. That made me extremly sad. Hope i can play zolo and still have fun. Winning cant take over then we loose the right feeling for the happiness in the game.
In the end of last week was a lot of members kicked out, so i asked if i could stay- no replay
I felt so sad. The i started to over do eveything so scared being kicked out.
I dont think they really care if im gone but it took a part of my happiness in this game.
Perheaps it comes something to let zolo players grow diffrent.
Im not putting me true feeling like an outsider again

Find yourself a nice casual Alliance. Not everyone is playing competitive.


I’ll do zolo now. It really got to me

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You can play solo and that’s great. Alliances help though. You just need to find the right one.

I don’t play competitive. There’s no fun in it. Casual play is the best way to play JWA in my mind.


Yeah, and playing in a casual alliance doesn’t really bar your progress either. I’m in a casual alliance that at best gets tier 2 rewards in championships, and I’ve unlocked everything apart from Mortem Rex, which is a work in progress. I probably play enough to make the cut for a better alliance, but it’s reassuring to know that I can vanish for a month or so and no one’ll kick me out.
Besides, I’m sort of attached to some of the players, even though they aren’t on very often.


To be fair, there are lots of groups on discord where you can interact with other players.

So if you’re not bothered by missing rewards offered by being in an alliance, you can make friends and join in raids by having a look at joining some of the groups that are active on there.

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I was attached to some of the players in my old, old alliance called renegade raptor but only like 6 of them played. Next alliance was all Spanish players and I didn’t understand but I like this new alliance. There’s always like 5 people online. Don’t on own how but they must play for like forever.

My alliance will kick players if they haven’t logged on for around 2 weeks. That is a sign of a loss of interest and it’s not helping out those who want some decent rewards each week. It’s nothing personal with kicking inactive players. They quit playing and don’t know they’ve been kicked.

If your actively playing, most alliances most likely won’t just kick people they see on regularly and helping to contribute to the weekly rewards and tournament rewards.

If you loose interest and stop playing while in an alliance and they kick you, you’ll never know it.


Mine has 5 days, but if you’re going away for a trip we can negotiate

Awh I’m so sorry you were hurt by your alliance. @LillyPionte maybe you could help her? Lily is A very nice and helpful friend of mine that is looking for more casual players for her alliance.

I’m in an alliance with 9 other people, we are no where near a “good” one, im the highest with 4.1k trophies. it really sucks when people leave, I had a good friend in our alliance but when he was on a family trip, he got kicked out. it really does suck. (and just incase you where wondering, no, i’m not the leader).

I’m the same with my Alliance. 7 days without a login puts up a red flag as they haven’t even logged in to get their weekly rewards. 14 days and I take it they ain’t coming back.

If I get told that someone won’t be for X time because of work, holidays or whatever, then they get away with it for longer as they have a fair reason.

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Hi, if you’d like to try our alliance we are just starting out and open to any and all who would like to join. The alliance name is Fading Fast. We’re at 28 members with no set requirements for daily play and no plans to remove players. If we reach 50 players and a lot of people stop, maybe we’ll start removing people, but I have no plans to remove anyone and have asked those that join to please leave voluntarily if they decide to no longer play the game.


But if you get sick and cant play our tell. Well this is a stupied question. Im just a sensitive person who loves this games.
My goal is not to be top 3, but to feel needed somewhere in a group. If the top players never invites and so on it feels and u loose intrest

I found a so nice Alliance now. Really like them alot :pray: