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Dont forget about the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game as an alternative


Harry Potter Wizards Units by Niantic, similar to POGO. If Ludia cant fix JWA take a look at Potter.

Just released the Beta in NZ and AUS


I might take a look when it comes here. I enjoy this game but have never been so frustrated with it as today. Cant get a battle yet someone wrote there is 30,000 people participating. Matches don’t end and app has to be force closed. Matches running when I am still on the countdown screen. I have lost less than 10 battles yet there are players on the leaderboard running the same team as me with over 2000 more trophies.

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Agreed, Ive sunk $100 into this game but will not drop any more. Im kinda glad they F’d this game up so I dont have to split my time between this and the new Potter game. The Beta vids looks promising.

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JWA is just something I use to pass the time between POGO and when Harry Potter comes out.
I love JWA but it’s demanding more and more of my time and that’s not fun anymore. It’s perfectly fine to grind these kinds of games. but it shouldn’t be a requirement.


What’s POGO?

This game is unplayable


yeah im not playing a game where they protect cheaters.


Harry potter is trash tho.

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Pokemon Go