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Don't get interaction from supply drop

Did you forget to add Interaction to regular supply drop? I keep spinning for two hours without getting one.

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Hey sandhoof, they are in there. :slight_smile:

They’re also available in the daily free 6-hour incubator in the Market.

I spun a lot of drops this morning. Maxed out on everything else and did not receive any of them.

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Unless it changed, they’re available from the free incubator only. You get 2 with each free incubator every 6 hours.

I’m over 100 SD’s and not a 1


Well the image clearly shows it’s changed this week.

Hey everyone, I’ve informed our team!

In the meantime, could you send your support key over to our team at so they can grab some more info?



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Yep, didn’t notice until now… 0

Just received my first one.

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Working now. Thanks @Ned


That’s great, thank you, everyone!


no surprise to those bugs…

finally…they put back the interaction tools a few hours later

has anyone gotten a halloween scent yet?

It took countless SD before I got it. But yes they are out there