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Don't get the mechanics

Hey guys, so just fought in tournament. Lost a battle because this happened: Marsupial Lion vs Marsupial Lion. We both use priority move, he is faster than me so he activates it first and then I do. Next round, my evasive was gone and he hit both time max damage, while his evasive was still up and I missed both times (counter plus 0.6x damage). Then he won.
Is this supposed to happen? Why did he still have evasive while mine was gone, when be both activated Priority in the same round?

Who hit first the second turn? It is my understanding that 1 turn buffs such as shield and dodge last until the beginning of your next turn. If you went first there, then his dodge would have still been up. I think this mechanic doesn’t make sense and should be reverted, but that’s probably what happened.

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