Don't get too caught up with Legendaries


I was already at 4040 and had stayed off the arena for the past 9 days or so. Feeling a little restless, I started a battle this morning, thinking I could afford to lose one battle and still stay above the consolation prize range.

Surprisingly I won the battle with little effort. I checked the person’s profile, other than the fact that he or she was still at 38xx range, but look at the lineup, even though he/she has almost all Lengendaries but look at their level.

This got me thinking many of us (including myself at one point) may have been too caught up with getting Legendaries. But if you didn’t level them high enough, a strong Epic, Rare, or even Common can still take you down with little effort. So instead of sweating too much trying to fill up the roster with a bunch of low level Legendaries, it may be best focus on building up one at a time, meanwhile, fill in the rest with whatever stronger creatures you have.

I was stuck at 3800 range for the longest time, the moment I leveled my Tany up to 19, I crossed the 4000 barrier within days!

P/s: To draw an analogy, it’s like hiring a bunch of MBA fresh grads to run your company (No offence to MBA holders ya!) - they may have the knowledge, but they may not have the experience.


I’ve always gone with the strategy of using the toughest dinos that I can keep leveling up. If I can’t keep leveling them, they become too weak and eventually unusable.


Agree completely; adding in my L19 Tanycolagreus was also the tipping point for me - about to level him up to 20; I was inspired to use him after the Indoraptor strike event where he put the indo out the back of the arena :slight_smile:

L20 Stegosaurus and L19 Deinocheirus have had their places in the team as well; the latter can still cut it at times - the former has been out classed by legendaries. For the most part a L16 Legendary is a bit poor - the exception being Diloranosaurus once you get your head round its skill set. Always try to level up to L17 or L18 before dropping them in.