Don't get worse 12 days of t-rex

I mean really? 1k velociraptor DNA? I can spend 30 minutes doing college work and looking at the side getting that DNA. Most common DNA and it’s the 7th day of T-rex. They’re already just re-giving gifts (scents) that I think will probably be downhill from then on.


Gift are for all players 1000 velo DNA for who are creating the Indom is very good


This DNA is super exclusive and very rare because Velo DNA is infected by Covid1000 and going to boost whole your deck…


It takes 11,250 velo dna to level it from 1 to 15 (to create indom, or if you have it level 15 already that’s only enough for 2 fuses) and 34,250 to level it from 1 to 20 (Indoraptor). and even then 1k dna is only 1/2 of a fuse for Indoraptor and only 2 fuses for Indom


Why werent you complaining about the 200$?
Some people cant get enough…

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Why are people starting threads to complain about free stuff? It’s literally free DNA. This is a non-issue.

Focus your efforts in the threads that pertain to real issues with the game, like arena matchmaking, Short-Range spawns, too many exclusive creatures, the GamePress letter, etc.


Do i have to remind you that they also gave us a strike tower with an epic reward but it has 3 attempts and lvl 16 rares to defeat? So a rare strike with an epic reward thats awesome for new players and i think was the true gift for today.


That’s only 2 fusions chances and you have a chance of getting just 20 DNA. May I remind you that you need 100 T-rex DNA for that fusion as well and again, raptor DNA is extraordinarily easy to get.

I do focus my efforts on those as well and I’m not saying those aren’t bad but I’m just saying this is another example of them just being a little on the offside and this might relate to other stuff in the future as well.


This is true.

While technically your correct, these kind of events aren’t created out of pure good will there ment to create interest and drive player excitement. Well done holiday events get people who may have lost interest to come back and maybe spend some money while there here. This post is showing how this event really doesn’t get the job done and the fact it’s free in a free to play game is irrelevant.

I mean the whole game is technically free so why complain about anything from that perspective. Who cares about match making atleast they don’t charge you to play a match!

The biggest take away for me is how little Ludia cares anymore, gone are the special strike towers…everything else is literally a cut and past from last years event. It’s like they couldn’t even to be bothered to make an event so they just stick “free” things of varied value in our inbox and our like here’s some stuff from trex.

I’ve played a bunch of holiday events in a variety of different games some bought, some free to play this month. The events were all free, being free doesn’t make the bad events goods… and this event just screams were starting to move on but we’d like you to keep spending money.


It’s just two pops for indom​:joy::ok_hand:

Yeah that was a nice play I must admit

maybe the next day they give 1000 rex dna
then 1000 indom dna
then 1000 indoraptor dna

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Can confirm that those work. It’s literally the only reason I play Dungeon Boss around this time.

It’s all good. I still need to max my indoraptor and my indominus rex.

i thought the whole point of xmas was giving not receiving !!! i personally dont need raptor but if its nice for some players great maybe theres another present coming off ludia that some really need but others don’t need! you can’t please all the people all yhe time. with all the other problems in the world im not going to gripe about raptor dna!! thank you ludia for any gifts merry xmas to ludia and everyone in JWA

It’s a free gift… It’s not like you put in any effort or like it’s a core part of the gameplay loop.

Besides, we got a scent, coins, and 200 bucks. Those ain’t measly gifts. 1000 Raptor DNA is going to be pretty useful for players who are still working on leveling their Raptor, Indominus, or Indoraptor. Maybe it’s not useful for you, but there are other people who are plenty happy to get that. Heck, even speaking for myself, would have I been happier with more? Sure, though I don’t really need it as I’m sitting on 80k Raptor DNA… but I’m not ungrateful for it. It’s one of twelve free gifts.

It was a really good news for me as I was creating Indoraptor

not that its free, but they can give us better free stuff. JK i dont really care