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Don't have commons as season rewards. Please cancel it or change it

Your reward of Miragaia is useless for anybody who does not play Miragaia.
The majority of people who will place over 4000, won’t need it.
Most people who will get over 4000 Trophies, won’t need the 7500 + Miragaia DNA.
Anybody over 5500 Trophies most likely has over 150,000 Miragaia DNA anyway.
Sure it’s a nice common for a great hybrid of Dsungaia.
The problem is we need Dsungaripterus DNA. Which we never get.
To get to level 30 it would take about 100000 Dsungaripterus DNA
It would also take about 250,000 Miragaia DNA.

I believe this reward is a motivational fail on your part in consideration of the player base.
It feels like you are going to ruin a season so in a month you will have a sale on Dsungaripterus DNA at 500 DNA for $9.99 or something crappy like that.
Please note for every 500 Miragaia DNA you need 200 Dsungaripterus DNA. How are we ever going to capture that much comparable DNA to make Dsungaia?


Too bad mods that “play the game” couldn’t tell them this earlier. I wonder why.


Depending on the common, it could be nice, like Deino or Tarbo… But Mira really is very weird… Even if they give us a Dsungaia hybrid, the problem is to have Dsunga DNA, not Mira


Funny thing is, I know someone who would LOVE that top reward.

…They’re currently at 2k trophies. By the time they reach the point of the top players, they won’t need it anymore. That’s what kinda makes this suck so bad - the people who want the prize don’t stand a chance.


I do agree that the people who could make use of the prize, don’t stand a chance of getting it. Although, I am not sure what you mean by a top player. As far as I can tell, nobody over 4000 Trophies uses it at all, and many stop around 3000 or less.

im pretty sure that this is only temporary until 1.9 drops. if they had a dino we all wanted then changed it upon 1.9 everyone woudl whinge.

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Thats a pretty good guess. Will be up in the air till 1.9 drops. maybe it’ll be component for that new superhybrid they teased.

relax… they are about to release a new miragaia great hybrid.

miragaia + allosaurus2 :sunglasses:

mirallosaurus :japanese_goblin:
a legendary that smashes dracoceratops.

We technically already have a legendary that can somewhat do that. Smoloceph. If it can ever be leveled accordingly.

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mirallosaurus is better, a tyrant.
i has the brand new ability: swap reverse.

this abitity freezes any swap-in move and makes dino swap back to previous one, bringing back the fugitive, and pins it for 1 turn.


Could you imagine a dino with a fear move that makes your opponent swap to the next dino?


Can’t argue there. Can’t wait to see what Ludia comes up with this time. Though it would be hard to get allo g2 without any events going on.

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yep, the brand new 1.9 ability: repulsive smell.

this ability makes opponent’s creature swaps out instantly.


I have over 30000 DNA of Miragaia which I dont use at all even when it is already at lv 15, they should stick with rares and epics that are hard to get on the wild