Don't let the cheaters lose


Losing on purpose just to level down make me mad . I made sure not to let them lose to me. ! How many other have seen this?



I don’t care, I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut, there’s really nothing Ludia can do about it, free win i guess.


I actually do that just to drop down so I can gather dna and coins as I ckimb back up. He could be bored with Aeena 8 and is losing on purpose so he can do what he wants.


How do you actually do this? The only way I can think of is you also do minimum moves. But than wouldn’t it still come down to whose dinosaurs have the worst minimum moves?


Probably just keep switching dinos


How can you draw at 2 each?


Glitch. (20 characters)


Pick your weakest dinos (I have some Lv1-2), and spam the most basic move. Gallimimus and its feathered cousin are not recommended because they have too good a dodge chance.


Only way to lose is to keep swapping out dinos so you don’t attack at all


But what happens if both players keep doing it! Will it be like a boxing match where no one hits each other?


I don’t understand why you’re so mad about this, lol. You get a win and they’re most likely dipping down to get specific arena incubator-exclusive DNA’s like the Irritator.


Well, if you don’t have any weak dinos, but holy crap, that gets annoying.


As long as they pick their move. Having to wait 15 seconds per move is just mean


Constantly changing your dinosaurs. You’ll never strike and your dinos are taking more and more damage


Unless of course you’re opponent does the same thing than you are just dancing


Never had that before ^^ But right now I’m struggling to stay in Arena 8. Im getting in and out over and over again.


OK. ,don’t see what the problem is. , anyone want to lose against me on purpose is welcome too, I need all the help I can get :joy:


Having a lockdown dino to get them stuck in place helped me with that problem. It only happened to me once and I was laughing the whole time, wondering which of us would get bored first.


I thought using “Cloak” means to win; not to lose the battle…:thinking: