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Don't like supply drop rate after 4th Tournament

After the tournament, I’ve noticed some little change at the supply drop

  • cash min was 8 (increase from 5)
  • coins min was 95
    look like it was better than before but NO
    i wasn’t better than before but worse, why?
  1. the rate for coins drop at supply poles was much reduce (some supply pole gave us only darts)
  2. before i ve got mostly 1XX coins from the supply poles (but now mostly was only dart and 95 coins)

I didn’t know what is your game developer thinking? do they trying to make the game friendly for normal players or friendly for CHEATERS

i’m at level 20 and today, i try to use the same time same distance traveled (as before the tournament ended that i’ve got 15000 coins) but today i’ve got only 1XXXX coins. This mean every normal players have to use more time, more distance traveled and more effort to get the same amount of coins as before, but CHEATERS play as the same (may be they just use more time and fingers for moving their fake GPS

Another thing was the connection error, the problem disturb your game a lot and it look like this problem can’t be fixed


I didnt notice any lower rate of coins… only the increase in coins recieved ie… got a 650 and an 800 right in a row.


wow u r so LUCKY

This morning I got all 86 coins (if I got any coins), except for one drop that was 2xx. Literally every other one on the way to work was 86. And according to my daily mission, I opened 14 drops on the way to work. That’s a lot of 86s.

I hit my limits in record time yesterday, so i don’t know why anyone’s complaining. The supply drops have been increased greatly. I can get 942 coins in 1 spin now.


I think they have greatly distanced the amount non vips get versus vips, seems non vips are getting less and vips are getting more. Atleast from what i cam gather on here. As my results have been a huge increase in coins per spin.

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Yeah, I’m not VIP and I’m still getting mostly 86s. Classy, real classy…

Ludia, after the boosted supply drop event, non-vips are having much more difficulties in collecting coins which is actually against your original kind purpose. I kept getting 95 coins (lvl20, non-VIP) and many normal drop didn’t even give coins. Before the event, it was easier because the normal drops didn’t always give small amount of coins. But now, 95% of the drops give out small amount of coins which means it takes us players much much longer time to complete collecting coins in cold winter. Can you please fix this?

Currently, I need to spin around 200 drops to collect 15000 coins as some drops don’t give out coins.

@Ned @Jorge

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Level 20 VIP and this is the same for me. Huge increase in coins and darts. I believe I get 67 darts in some spins and max out in coins quickly.

[EDIT] or 62 darts. Either way they fill up fast.

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I’m loving the new drops. Finally getting enough coin to level some Dino’s. Definetly getting enough darts. And with free scents I’m able to pop scent on the bus and get Dino’s when my signal drops and GPS dot don’t move.

15,000 a day for non vip? Does that mean vip get 30,000 a day? That seems high to me. Thought non vip got half of what vip get.

Double coins means whenever VIP spins, the coins are doubled. The cap for non-vip and vip are the same, for example, 15000 coins at lvl 20.

In other words, vip can collect 15000 coins at least half the time of non-vip.

Wasn’t at one time VIP got twice the amount of coins as non VIP?

I noticed the big increase at drops. We have 3 VIP accounts and we max out in no time. I would imagine less then 30 stops but it is hard to tell as my indicator says coins maxed most of the time. Was suppose to reset a couple of hours ago so I will see soon Maybe 40 stops. Either way, it doesn’t take long.

Again, the coin limits for VIP and non-VIP are the same, but VIP can collect coins quckier than non-VIPs because VIP’s spin coins are doubled. For example, for each spin, if a Non-VIP gets 50, a VIP can get 100.

For the boosted supply drop event, VIP can get even more coins per spin so for you it’s even faster, but non-VIPs are facing collecting the smallest amount of coins which was even worse than before.

I understand all that about the spins. I just thought when I signed up for VIP long ago one of the selling features was you got twice the amount of daily coins as none VIP’s. That was one of the reasons I got it as back in the Beta days it was much harder to get coins then it is now.

I was on VIP. For the event, the max coin I remember I collected from the normal supply drop was 700ish and many drops gave me like 300ish coins. But now I’m on non-vip, 95% were 95 coins and the max coin I collect from one spin was like 200ish.

Haha false advertisement. Sorry mate! Unfortunately, daily limits are the same. VIPs can’t get more than 15000 coins from normal supply drops at lvl20.

To sum up, current benefits of being a VIP are:

Collecting coins faster;
Collecting darts faster;
Darting more DNAs;

Coin/cash limits and in-game sales are the same for non-VIPs and VIPs. VIPs used to get good deals in the in-game store, but now no.

Darting limit further as well?

Don’t forget VIP benefit of longer drone hang time… It’s not alot but it’s enough to settle myself down and get more direct hits.