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Don't like supply drop rate after 4th Tournament


I mentioned it. Point 3.


That’s why I mentioned “darting more DNA” lol


So I waited until after midnight when mission reset and ran a test. I only got supply drops, no other game play. It only took me 10 - 15 minutes to do this as I have a road by my house with so many supply drops on it we can’t spin them fast enough to get the next one when driving. It actually took 50 drops to get 15,000 coins. Went a little over as a couple were green drops. My highest coin at a drop was 942. The majority of the time when I got coins from the drop it was 376 for orange drop and 375 for green drop. Most darts at a drop was 67. Level 20 account with vip. @LJW


Yea that sounds correct. It didn’t take me long glad collect all the coins when I was on VIP.

Now it’s a nightmare for me as the most drops only give me 95 coins.


It’s definitelly broken, I’ve also been getting darts 90% of time since the beginning of the event and I’m sick and tired of it… it’s like “look at us, we’re so generous (but we only give you darts)”


I found the solution to get more…



It would appear Ludia was listening to all the I am dropping VIP, VIP is not worth it, give us something to make it worthwhile posts.

Be careful what you gripe about and ask for, you just may get it.

I do not know if this in fact what happened. I am just saying it seems like this


Yeah, this change will end up causing a feud between VIP who think they should get more and non vip who feel ripped off now. I have never complained about not getting enough for vip as I like the extra drone range.

I don’t think they should have made it worse for non vip but I appreciate the fast max coins now in vip. I think a simple extra for vip would be to just give them an epic incubator every month like we got the first month and put non vip back to the way it was.


At one time, yes, the cap was double. That’s been gone since… oooo 1.3? Not sure exactly, but it’s been a while.


This is standard operating procedure for Ludia. Rather then making vip better, lets make not having it worse.


Yeah, get more people to sign up.


Before this change, i spent 2-3 hrs to finished receive amount of coins from supply pole. But after the change i have to spent minimum 4 hrs to complete this

Like today i’ve got only stupid darts 10 from13 supply poles in a row. This was not funny, it was stupid move. Ludia just force player to pay for vip or force people to get bored with this game and quit playing it.


Yeah heaven forbid you got darts… I mean they are stupid useless things. I always keep mine at zero.

What Lydia need to do is make Dino’s easier to catch I fly my drone over them all day and I have caught one yet.

Why can I only get Dino’s from incubators.