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Don't make incubator events so difficult


As you expect someone to beat a Trykosaurus, Erlidominus and Indoraptor level 30 ehhhWhen You think about the next event, just think of the most pro people so that level 10-15 people can not win


I think it’s ridiculous what’s in the strike towers etc now …
how are you going to encourage people to play when they stand no chance of even getting a strike tower


There are different levels of strike towers to suit different levels of players.


It is ridiculous !! Both decreasing count of strike events and also making them very hard, makes it impossible for new players to progress.


Other strike towers does not give epic incubator…


Not everyone is meant to win. You cant win it all


These epically hard Strike towers have always been there, difference is that previously the lower levels had a few more strike towers to amuse us with.

Focusing on some Bleed dinos can help take out some of these higher level strike towers for even a lower level player. Get Suchotator as high as you can and consider taking some swap in bleeders to level 10 or higher for strike events, though some of the swap in bleeders can function at any level.


Nothing scheduled to dart. 4 chests for a day. A strike tower 200 players might beat. :roll_eyes:

I don’t understand the commercial strategy. Less is less.


Yes, I know. But when there are 2 epic strikes in a week and one of them is extremely hard… I can deal with mono and giga with some strategy and also using bleeders as you recommended but how to beat a lv 30 magna ?


it certainly is the lack of other things going on that brings this difficulties to light.

Perhaps we will see a low level strategy emerge? Though with an immune in there… Won’t be easy.

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Can you imagine level 30 apatosaurus.


of course the towers are hard they are giving out a Epic Incubator((worth ÂŁ30/$40+) for free if you win.


Ludia says they are worth $40… not sure anyone else agrees tho


2 sides to every coin.

How do you think end game players feel on the days where the only PvE they can do is a strike tower full of level 6 dinos…

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can’t disagree with that. At the end of the day is the price they set and we should be happy they give us chances to win these for 5 minutes work. Remember the grind way before towers existed!


Ummmm, but you have 500 top players and 50 60 70,000…regular players. Definitely not a way to keep your player BASE which never consist of the top whatever number.


Why cant they work their way up like the rest of us? These unique events arent spoon feeding enough?


These players grinded the game for almost year to get where they are today and rightly so. Not because they were given handouts. I think newer players don’t know how lucky they are with all these new features that we older players never had at the start of games life cycle.


Incubators also scale by level. Lower levels do not get as much as a 20 gets.

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:smile: actually!