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Don't need boosts to stay relevant

Since the update that reset our boosts and made em cost 100 per I made the decision to not boost. I personally chose this for 2 reasons.

  1. I couldn’t “keep up” with buying boosts for their outrageous prices.
  2. Ludia is great at nerfing dinos without giving back anything. (RIP those overboosted dracos :rofl:).

Anyway before that reset I sat at about 5200-5400 trophies. And here I am still unboosted after all this time sitting at about 5200 trophies. Sometimes i go to 5000 but quickly back to 5200 or so. Could i boost? Sure…at what cost? Couple hundred trophies? I prefer to outsmart and outplay the boosted teams I’ve faced and ive done that plenty! Boosts truly are the greatest scam. Stay woke!

Edit- gave up on vip because the value is simply not there!


I’m up there too with 99% unboosted team. Only boosted Thor hp two tiers to finish the campaign. Otherwise would need to wait another month that would be able to lvl Thor to 30.
Reached 5439 trophies two days ago.


I tried a common sense approach. Always Free to play so I’m not buying boosts. The ones I pick up daily etc I’ve been spreading over a few dinos. Nothing’s so heavily boosted that a boost nerf will not ruin me.
Grinding can be a chore but at least I’m not throwing money into the game.
Working out ok so far. Currently sitting in Aviary and slowly but surely chipping away.