Don't nerf anything. It's extremely unethical

Please don’t nerf anything. It takes time, money, and effort to build up any strong dinos. It seems that only in JWA, that whatever you built can vanish in the thin air. How can you trust a company that sells fake goods to you? You thought you purchased the gold, and the next day, you found it become bronze or just dirt. It’s just unethical to do this, especially frequently nerf without refunding the DNAs, coins, and boosts used on these creatures. The game becomes very unstable if what you get today is not what you see tomorrow.

For the users who suggest all kinds of nerfing, if you think a specific creature is too strong, why don’t you invest in one yourself instead of wishing other’s be nerfed?


The reason we ask for nerfs is because it’s unfun to play against and forces you to use it, which gets stale. By asking for nerfs, it allows more diversity and more ways to play


You can either ask the devs to nerf one strong dino, or to buff the other 225 dinos up to its level. Your choice. You can argue that nerfs are unethical, but they’re definitely not impractical. And with game development, practicality often wins. Plus with only buffs, you would always end up with power creep.


So balancing overpowered creatures is a bad thing because people instantly dump boosts and coins into it, despite knowing it will get changed one ludia decide they need a new boost mascot.


I have suggested nerfs, but I do also use those creatures. It just isn’t smart not to. But that doesn’t mean I (or anyone else) can’t recognize the problems with the strength of these dinos, nor does it prevent people from wanting the game to be more objectively balanced. It might hurt to see one of your team get nerfed, but I’ll take it if the game is better off for it.


It seems that only in JWA, that whatever you built can vanish in the thin air.

This is your first mobile game, isn’t it?


ludia only nerfs huge monsters. They should buff every dino to be good, some to be excellent, some to be tyrants but gods need to be nerfed

No. The argument ‘why don’t you invest in one yourself’ already shows that you are one of those people who went mad on 2.0 Ardentis or pre 2.0 Indo Gen 2. Everyone remembers how busted 2.0 Ardentis was and how it was near impossible to win a match if you don’t have a counter against it or have a bigger max you were basically screwed. This was what made the arenas unfun. It was use Ardentis/Tryko or lose in the arenas.


there could be a devolve

With the hours and actual dollars I put into Maxima for it to get nerfed hurt pretty bad


Yes, I am one of these people. I spent money on Max and pre, and then the next thing I knew they were nerfed. These were real money spent. They shouldn’t collect the money and then take the goodies back.


That’s called mobile gaming

Which mobile game sells you virtue goods and then takes away the features of the goods frequently?

Just about everyone that involves metas, player coordination, and PVP combat. So all the good ones

Also you’re spending money on something you can get for free. I’m 100% F2P and I have a lot of creatures to choose from, and many more that I can make suitable for combat.

You mean these games sell you weapons, and then the next time you know, the weapons only have half the power you saw at the time of the purchase?

Now I know it’s stupid to spend money on it.


Yup, you just need to be able to adapt

That would perhaps be a good reason to get the money back if what you bought has been deprived of the value you bought it for. Sure is a good reason not to spend money in such kind of games.

So agree with this post… I’m a new player, so i need to pick carefully what dino i should work on, especially with the coins being so rare… it takes ages to get an ardentismaxima (my first unique)… I was finally close to creating it, and then it got nerfed :sleepy:… that is really frustrating, i hope u guys can understand that… not all players have the luxury of a wide variety of unique’s sitting on the bench…