Don't Play Battle Mode few times in a row

I just realise something. Do not play battle mode on JWA few times in a row, especially when you’re winning few times in a row. JWA will automatically face you with a higher level opponents and sadly your stun and critical move will not work after you play battle mode few times in a row. It’s a bug or perhaps intentional.

It seems to me like if I play without having incubator slots open, the battles get weirder and weirder, with thors and monster Dracos thrown at me.

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The NEW battle System is not good…
The look what is your Status and how powerfull your dinos… and then you get a opponent…
I was in lockwood and my opponent has 5830 trophey… i get only opponent that are higher Than i


My opponent the Last two two days… i have 43xx trophey

I’ve always thought that … but then I’m paranoid :wink:

My Last two opponent had more Than 4900 trophey… so i can’t win … i lose most of my battles
Two weeks Ago i was in averie… but now, i stuck in lockwood…

I was in Sorna Marshes when I’ve faced that thing (Thor that can 1 shot almost everything I had) and an Erlidominus and high boosted Dracorat. Recently at most I’ve fought an indoraptor and a tryko unique, but they were only lvl 21 and not too boosted. There’s also someone with a rex that has 128 speed and can 1 shot stuff with a crit with just primary attack. Reminded me of that Thor.

Please stop checking your opponents trophy count. It says absolutely nothing. This is just their highest achieved score. That doesn’t mean they are still at that point, they could be 500+ trophies lower right now.
(5886 is really high though, that could mean that you’re facing an arena dropper or someone with a loooot of bad luck)


I restart my game after every battle since 1.6
Battles would occasionally bug out and that was the only good way that “seemed” to prevent it. It may only be in my head, but I don’t get bugged out battles since.

what do you mean by restart? You log out and re-login?

I think that is where i was going wrong, i made the mistake of playing a single match in a row, and got put against OP teams.
I should have instead played none lol

Force close and restart the game

I did, but then again today after i reach new battle arena, JWA sent their dead squad. They sent me their lvl 18 sinos and level 15 trexes against my level 13-15 dinos. And yet they say, they have this trophy counts and dino powers stuff. I’ve never stun anyone or critically hit anyone since then. Deleting the game is a much easier solution then complaining to them.

Delete the game, trust me this is the only way they will start fixing it.