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Dont play with people who pay

As my son plays under my name, I have come across some, unprecedented activity. As an IT tutor at a college in the UK, I have found some hacks and not to say, dealings with people who pay have come up in their code battle. I will now make this public. Do not cheat people again. Yes I have the codes your people have used, and will be putting them on public domain. Dont play with people as you have made my son cry. I am raging.


Post them up.

You let me know where that is I would love to see that… you go I hate cheaters also and there is alot of them …

I’m super confused right now, don’t play with people who pay money for like incubators and hard cash or don’t play with cheaters?


I know what I think I read.

Very interesting both who paid and who made the hacks.

Details welcome as it could be gossip or it could be true.


im all for people being exposed. bring it on.


People who pay money are not cheating lol. That’s just called “pay to win” People who hack to get free resources are cheating.

However there has been huge amount of players getting disconnected from battles and opponents unresponsive during battles. I’m not sure what’s up with that but it is most likely on Ludia’s side. If that is what you are talking about then please tell your son about it, it is not a hack or cheat, just server issues.

i think she is the payer and is being cheated by hackers. so in essence “dint play with her”

Better be an Inside job and have a secret price menu. Or the conspiracy theorists aren’t even trying.

That was a pretty incoherent post not sure what they’re really trying to say lol

What are u waiting for? Post it. This is more exciting news then the current tournament.

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what do you expect him to post

i enjoyed your post and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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