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Dont reset boosts

I say you don’t refund boosts. Its their fault for dumping 30 boosts in a blatantly overpowered creature…people i know saw that a huge nerf was a likely outcome and evenly distributed boosts among the team instead of dumping everything in one. I honestly smiled when I saw a 9600+hp, 2200 damage Ardentis because I knew they just screwed themselves of all their boosts once the inevitable nerf was coming. Dont reset boosts, it should be a once a year thing, not every update.


This opinion will make you really popular here :rofl:


Firstly, it’ll probably be buffed again eventually.


I totally agree! I have always boosted my team fairly even, not 5/5/5 but 8-12 boost per dino. I have been struggling against some of these max boosted maximas and thought about doing the same. I’m glad I didn’t. Now I still have 5 or 6 of each boost ready to use and since 2.0 my geminititian has been on the bench unboosted. So at the end of this month I think I’ll be close to getting it to 28 and ready to welcome it back onto my team with open arms LOL.

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And thats fine if it gets buffed eventually, but Ludia shouldn’t cave in to reset demands when its only 1 or 2 dinos heavily affected. Each year should be like one big season to use your boosts wisely, sure max boost the current meta dino but keep in mind she will most likely be hit, so don’t go overboard. Then in the next big update where everything changes (like 2.0) you can reset boosts.


We found the second man Alfred was talking about


Congratulations, you got your “I told you so”. Now let the people who used boosts get some of them back. It doesn’t affect you.

I’m an unboosted player, so it doesn’t affect me if they do a reset or not. But I’ll tell you that I would feel much more comfortable using my boosts if I knew they wouldn’t end up stuck on whatever creature Ludia decides to nerf each patch. And this isn’t just “you should know better than to boost the obviously op thing”; I don’t feel comfortable boosting ANYTHING, because the nerf hammer works in mysterious ways. They don’t need to do a full reset every time, but letting people get free full refunds for at least a few dinos every patch is just good customer service.


I’m with mudkipz. The way ludia handles buffs and nerfs, I dont feel comfortable boosting anything other than 1-3 raid specific dinos. If ludia wants be to boost, I have to feel like my investment will be relatively safe. I know it cant be 100% safe, but if resets happened more often/ balancing wasnt a random pengalum swing/ or a paid option to refund all, I’d feel a lot more safe boosting my creatures even when nerfs can/ or eventually happen.


First off, it does affect me. My Ardentis didnt have 30 boosts but it did have some…so I would be losing some boosts too.

On another topic someone mentioned getting a certain amount of free refunds per week, and I think that would be a good idea. 5 free stat boost refunds per week sounds reasonable.

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I do agree that full refunds every time are unnecessary, so having some limited way to get refunds would be a good idea. The current partial refunds are discouraging because you know youre losing something. So having some other option to fully refund boosts, like reset tokens, a weekly limited free reset, whatever, would help me feel more confident in using my boosts. It would also help the meta develop too. If I had invested all of my boosts into Maxima, I would still probably use it on my team rather than lose my boost investment, so you still see the same dinos after balance changes. This could be why nerfs are so extreme, because nothing less than that would get people to drop their boosted dinos. Having a full refund option let’s people experiment and adapt as the meta changes.


@Mudkipz You already gave this person their Told-You-So award. If they don’t wanna have a game to play, not much else we can do besides move along. It’s a better use of your time and energy to build support for a good cause than fight the future rulers of the Ghost Kingdom.


Lol Ghost kingdom? There was more of an outcry on the introduction of boosts than this nerf on a overpowered dinosaur. Getting 15 out of your 30 boosts back isnt game ending, it just ends the constant free body swap from the previous top tier dino into the next one.

Since links are very scary for some people, I’ll extract the relevant passage

Maxima was very clearly OP and needed to be nerfed. The issue is, that’s the whole problem! To put it more directly, what these messages are saying is that people should not invest high value resources into things that are OP because you’ll lose those resources when (IF) the justified nerf happens. This is very good advice. It’s bad that it’s good advice. It should never, ever be good advice in any game to not play to the best of your ability at any given point. It’s another way of saying “Hey, you should lose a lot now because maybe in the next patch it will pay off.” Even if that’s true, it’s horrible gameplay. No one should want to play a game like that! Fun is not a zero-sum game and those who treat it as such probably don’t have a lot of fun.


This passage sums it up perfectly

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Whoever wrote this article clearly hasn’t played a tcg where the best/overpowered card gets FORBIDDEN to play after dominating the meta. That’s the cost of putting everything in one thing…at least you get half of your boosts back, guranteed.

It was written by @OrigamiRobot

Lol So basically…


  1. Me
  1. Jwa isnt a card game.
  2. Most card games also have other formats of competative play where those OP cards are fair game.

Lol HE wrote it :joy: Since I don’t see any academics publishing peer reviewed articles on JWA any time soon, there aren’t really sources to cite anyway. He’s basically saying that he already explained this before, and he doesn’t want to take the time and energy to do it again when he can just direct you to what he already said.

I do tend to agree with @OrigamiRobot though. It should never be a bad idea to invest in the best strategy in a game. TCGs are limited in that they are analog, so patches aren’t an option. If a card is OP, you can’t edit it, so the only option is to ban it directly. In JWA, nerfs are very much an option. The same thing happens in other games, even digital ones. If you’re familiar with Smash Bros, Meta Knight was banned in brawl because his overpowered strength couldn’t be patched since the game didn’t support it. But there were no bans in subsequent smash games because anything that was op got patched (except maybe Bayonetta at the end, but I digress). The point is, it doesn’t matter what kind of game it is, it only matters whether or not it can be patched. Bans tend to only occur when patching isn’t an option, and when patching is an option, compensation is usually standard.

And speaking as a FTP player, I can tell you that those 15 boosts take a LONG time to earn. I don’t want to waste them. That’s why having a full refund option is so important. It can even be as simple as paying double the cost. If I can pay 200 cash (I forget the actual price) to refund half of my boosts, why can’t I pay 400 to refund all of them?


It’s still a game…in fact many people even refer to their 8 dinosaurs as a deck, and their 4 ingame as a hand.

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