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Dont see any Triceratops


They are supposed to be found today but where? i dont see a single one out there… :frowning:


Sorry, but that one already happened Monday and Tues. Rare scents in parks are your best bet now.


There is a Triceratops gen 2 event running.

They seem evenly distributed where I am.


All over the place by me.


Sorry, I thought you meant the rare. I didn’t remember the commons this week because as soon as I saw the list, I registered it as “2 days off.” My mistake, thank you @David_Courtney for posting the correct information.

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Do you hunt mostly in zone 3.or are you anti DC.

I’m zone 2.

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I live right on a border of 1 and 3. Have been darting them from home for ages, especially while running common scents. Also, alliance rewards. I’ve maxed every alliance request for it I see and have and have DC at 26 and growing. I was okay leaving it at 26, but the minor Thor buff alone would’ve made me want to get it to 27, let alone stat boosts making it nearly impossible to account for matchups now. Brilliant move on Ludia’s part :ok_hand: As if the leaderboard wasn’t already one huge arms race :pensive:

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My screenshot of that is the exact opposite btw :joy: would love to have that Draco

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Hate to tempt fate. But it would so make sense Draco and Tri g2 went zone 1 and 4 after patch.

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DC is a necessary evil at this point :smiling_imp:


I’d take Draco in zone 4. I work in 4 and it’s abysmal.

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YES it is MM !! having to use it myself hate it,

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Sure can help in a pinch though, huh? :wink:


certainly can, and i was one of its biggest critics in our alliance


Best DC counter: your own DC

My 26 DC regularly helps me snuff out 29-30s that people play early expecting to run in and out Of the game multiple times.


yep dropped my l30 spino for it, all top 30 use it bar about 4 or 5 as of yesterday


Well I’m anti DC :rat:I hate it.


That’s okay too, you’re allowed.