Don't see same Dino as gf


Me and my girlfriend do every day a walk to be kind of sporty and catch dinos. Now I have noticed several times she see a Dino popping up but I don’t see it. And we walk next to each other and both map on front.
She uses an android. I an iPhone. Is this possible or a glitch?


Really? This is interesting. The ones that you see differently are the ones that spawn in front of you while you walk, or the ones that you can see around from hundreds of meters away? Just out of curiosity.


The ones which spawn in front seem to be different. Or at least, sometimes. Only this was so strange.
We also have she battles while walking. Suddenly a huta in front.
While I’m catching she ends battle and Comes to the map. Gone and a common type instead.


I don’t remember where I read it, but I was under the impression that each player has a Pokemon-Go-esque “incense” aura as we move that’s unique to us, to prompt us to be active and outdoors.

As I understand it the map at large is static and what appears at a distance for one device will appear to all devices running the game at the same time. The dinosaurs that spawn on top of you, on the other hand, are unique to you, and will also disappear after you leave short range. If you walk with someone you are bound to both eventually encounter different spawns; hopefully it doesn’t bring about resentment if one of you finds epics disproportionately more frequently. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone who knows for sure please confirm or correct me.


The dinos you see that are the same for each other are the one that are alteady on the map while you walk, but the random spawns when pretty much your phone vibrates are most likely different


Is this a theory or can we read it? Indeed in a distance the dinos are the same. And often the spawn dinos (we making jokes that it land on our heads etc) is also the same. But I never had this.
I have seen different spawn when she was looking into another app. I see an huta. She open app. No huta. And so on. But never when both have the app open.