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Dont spend your money with arena offers or incubators

I finally unlocked Aviary, after 11 months playing everyday.

So I got that “special offer”.

WOW! A green incubator with 2x value!!!

Pay, don’t pay, pay, don’t pay… well, it’s a celebration moment, let me get this.

… … …

90% useless dinos, like Diplocaulus that i have dozens spawns a day and 30k+ collected.

I think Ludia should have more respect for our money, and if send us “special offer”, that its really special.

Unlock the last arena and to celebrate, take my 18 dollars and give me a lot of random dna?


I know some expert players already advertised about spend money on incubators, but i was really happy about this achievement and forgot.

So lets post here to advertise once again newer players to not spend money with useless Ludia offers.


Rofl ,its funny because you used ludia and respect in the same sentence.


@Ludia_Developers take my 18 dollars to help you fix the special game bugs.

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with these 18$,they will introduce crit boost and armor boost,maybe a SISDR boost?pay to get on your THOR a SISDR?

Know what’s weird? The lower arena incubators were actually good value (for me). Loads of good dinosaurs, which is why I always got them when I entered a new arena.

Got to Lockwoods, and suddenly, every dino but one (Kentro) was awful. And yes, I had Diplocaulus as well. They seem to shove that one in every incubator they possibly can.

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not that extreme opposite…

the higher arena, the worst random results.

expensive incubator to get 100+ random dino possibilities, its not an encouragement to spend money.

edit: wait! my bad. the thing is worse than i realized, hahahahahaha!
the offer was in green game cash, not real money.

i had 2500 money collected. i not spent 18 dollars for that offer, i spent 18 to buy 2600 game money and buy the offer for 4500 game cash.

hahahahaha. what a *

the emotional moment of unlocking aviary made me blind. maybe ludia’s strategy.