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Dont support P2W!


Parents and children we have to fight against the pay to win model! This game is pay to win you cant argue that. The best way to fight it is boycott. Avoid P2W at all costs and it will go away.
“In some multiplayer free-to-play games, players who are willing to pay for special items or downloadable content may be able to gain a significant advantage over those playing for free. Critics of such games call them “pay-to-win” (p2w) games.” At a certain point you are forced to pay to advance you cant just walk around collect dna and keep up with the people willing to pay. These A.R types of games are fairly new and supposed to promote exercise while gaming. Thats great for kids and adults. The best A.R games I know of are dispicably P2W. Why is this new genre of ours dominated by greed?


This is my current lineup. I only recently started paying a little. Nothing you see here was obtained through real money, rather a lot of hard work. The Raptor for example comes out at night. My friend and I ride around at night and

can easily get 1000+ dna in around 20 minutes or so.


Few words in the video games industry are as cynical as “whale,” taken from a Las Vegas term for a high stakes gambler. The difference is, a Vegas high roller may actually win something with his money, and at minimum is comped for everything during his stay. In free-to-play games, a whale is nothing but a cash target. Dont be a whale!


Whales might get something really priceless in exchange … FUN.


I look at it like this. If I buy a PS4 game, I’ll spend $60, beat it in a week, and then it sits. Why not spend $60 on a game that I could potentially play for months or even years, a game that gets me off the couch and exploring new Parks? I probably spent $200 total on Pokémon Go, but it gave me something to do for the last 2 years.


You do realize that rich peoples’ kids play mobile games and dropping a couple $1000 to them is like us picking up a Starbucks?


Obviously 500 people will out spend us. Or out cheat us. Or play with no life balance. Or just live work on a good bit of the map. The people paying deserve a big thankyou and no criticism.

I value the 7k of walking I’m doing everyday. I’ll carry on paying but won’t trouble any player ratings.


It’s not the P2W business model that bugs me - every game out there has to have some sort of cash coming in to keep the game servers up, to pay their staff, etc.

What I can’t stand is the ridiculous amount of people coming up with new ways of hacking or spoofing this game so they can increase their resources without having to give money to Ludia, or to increase their dino radar range so they can tag dinos across town from their living rooms, the fat lazy gits…

While I agree with you on the health benefits of this game - potential benefits, mind you - the benefits only actually happen if you get up off your sad cheater butt, put down the pretzels and pinwheel cookies, get out there - and start grinding like the rest of us.


Agreed :ok_hand:t3: Games always find ways to make money, and I actually like that ads are optional in this game, so I’m not spammed by them when I don’t want to be. The cheaters/spoofers on the other hand, should be greeted with the ban :hammer: or be put into a whole other arena to battle amongst themselves.


Sorry but your being just plain dumb in my opinion. All MMOGPS games have some P2W elements.

I pay but not to win just because this game, unlike many others that isn’t P2W is actually VERY well made. Great models for the dinosaurs, great sounds, great battle environments, unique capture system (no more tedious deleting 200+ pigeons)

If you don’t want your kids or other kids to spend money then put a security feature or passcode, simple as that.

This game offers much if you don’t P2W, only is battles where you might lose 3 in a row but then you win 3-4 in a row (and the battle feature to be able to do it anywhere, whenever is pricless).

If you encounter the Gold shortage issue where you feel the urge only way to progress is to buy them, then your lazy, plain lazy.

Just go to a area and spin supply drops for a couple of hours, sure will be tedious and take time but you will get much exercise! Or keep battling you will get from 100-300 per won battle (you don’t lose gold only ranking on arena) and you also get coins from the 4 hourly incubator and from each won battle incubator.


Thanks for the valuable advice lonedog. Thanks again for the intelligent and respectful post. My kids dont need a “passcode” they understand the value of money. If you could tell me how to create a “passcode” for other kids (as you suggested) that would be strange, difficult, and I might be breaking the law. Also I’m not sure why I would want to put a passcode on other people kids devices. Seems weird.

Good F2P games exist and we can help change the game. I dont think it’s a good game at the moment it needs a lot of u.i work and it seems support is rare. It’s a good idea that needs a lot of work. I’d personally rather buy a skin or name for my dinosaur. I dont want to pay for that epic dna, so I wont.

I’m simply asking people to boycott or protest against the p2w part of that game. If you dont want to participate in my protest or boycott, please dont. If you enjoy paying to advance, do it. As long as you’re happy it’s a legit expense. Be wise be careful.

Thank you for explaining the coin grind to me! Can you explain the daily limit? Have you hit your daily limit? Why would there be a daily limit? Everyone who plays this game knows how to grind coins. This post isnt about coins. It was a suggestion to fix pay to win. There is a way my friends, there is a way. If you havent researched the pay to win model please educate yourself.


Don’t need to educate, game says plain and simple has Ingame purchases. You ignoring this and trying to act “smart” is just barking up the wrong tree.

Feels sad that I have to explain the passcode to you as you can’t figure it out. Simple is don’t give kids acsess to able to buy and If they do you/parents are to blame.

Great that there are good F2P games, uninstall the game and go play those then, my point is proven that you make a thread to try to change a P2P/W2P game which is successful and still getting better but your not helping


Dude. I’m here to play. So are other people.

I don’t pay. So do other people.

It’s a choice.


@Kingkoffee whoa why so condescending? First you say thanks for an intelligent post them pretend you don’t understand the parental lock advice? What are you even suggesting? The only thing you want is it to be free. The daily limits prevent gps spoofers from being able to level up the DNA they effortlessly get. It’s pretty well calculated if you stopped to anaylyze things instead of being sarcastic and rude to people with super valid points. This post is spam, not a suggestion at all.


Best thing to do is don’t buy it don’t support it!
I wouldn’t boycott the game like your saying that’s a bit much but it is way over priced you just need to learn where to spend it properly levelling Dino’s and every level you climb some offers are decent and early in the game world(map) changes give offers that are decent!
I’ve never supported the incubator purchases but some people can afford to throw money away that’s up to them. I barley play now I log in to do incubators and catch Dino’s here and there but not Half as much as before in game I was around 200th place now past 500th which I do not care about like I did a month ago.
You’ll either quit the game or get use to the non purchases. I have 20k on some Dino’s for DNA almost every dino I can level up to 24-26 if I wanna add the money. You’ll get use to not spending . I’m actually regretting losing my 33% of DNA collecting time but heck I have enough DNA now

Best of luck



Please read this ludia!