Don't tell me stats come 2.4

Why weren;t the stats in 2.3 patch notes.

what kind of “stats”

from gamepress leaks, they said there would be stats coming to the game like, alliance, start date, collection stats, battle stats and general stats

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They were for 2.4 maybe, like dakotaraptor, dajkotagonops, oviraptor and other things


ah that stinks. this was the one thing i was hyped for due to the fact that diplventator hybrid is horrible

The truth is that the 2 hybrids suck, the creatures themselves are not bad, but the only thing that excites me is that 2.4 is something before December 31. and how things are going, gorgotrebax can be fought on December 21/24, that means that 1/2 days later they will release 2.4. I hope so

it seems as if the next update always comes out right after the apex is avarible so indy won’t even be out until 2.4. Their system is all messed up. They need to make a new tab for it while keeping it on the map for coolness. They’re going to introduce new raids before the exisiting ones even come out

I like the JWTG release method better, they take out a creature (or hybrid) for 1-2 weeks, so they keep the players attentive, without demanding themselves

When things are datamined it just means it’s an active project in development that was discovered in the files. There’s no predicting when anything will be added or if it will ever even see daylight. That’s why they don’t announce stuff like this until they know it works and they’re ready for it to be implemented.


so sad, i was hoping for them in 2.3

I totally agree. If something needs to keep being worked on then let them work on it without rushing them. We will also get the best results in the end.

Also I don’t think dakotahraptor/oviraptor were finished when they data-mined. Why? Well all the creatures except for these two creatures (and hybrids) had a rarity except these two!


I know it’s disappointing but I think 2.4 is coming out after the legendary raid is completed :weary: however they might expedite it due to this being one of the community’s least favorite updates.


I how it doesn’t come on janruary 11th. I think it always comes after the apex raid which is only 4 has before Christmas