Don't underestimate my nunda


This dude I’m sure was shocked to see my nunda take down his indoRaptor! :scream::crazy_face: He decided not to cloak…even though it may not have helped anyway but then my orphiaccodon finishes off his team. Heehee


Dude Nunda doesn’t get enough credit. It’s a nice one and I always use him.


Nunda is great! Einiasuchus is just sooooo good that usually all Nunda DNA goes for her. But Nundasuchus herself is such a good girl too, I miss her sometimes


Numda gots best speed in sucho forms. That’s why sometimes she is unexpectedly useful.
But still I choose to let her stuck in low level, and give DNA to Einia & Majunda.
Because they deserve it.
Just ended a lv30 bot with Einia, Majunda & Stegodeus.:t_rex:


I’m confused. At what level does an Ophie suddenly go from “pest” to “beast”? I always dropped my Ophie after the second arena.


I do agree that nundas can be cold-blooded killers at high enough levels, but I use mine for hybrid DNA instead of battle.


But thats the thing. A lot of people dont realize how good these dinos are until they actually need them. Ive been checking through my list of dinos recently, and ive realized that some of my lvl 1 commons (which ive never used nor needed since they didnt have hybrids) could be really useful to me, such as the Deinocherus or Dimetrodon Gen 2. Each and every single dinosaur is capable of being a beast in battle, so long as you level them up and use them right.


Any level 20ish dinosaur is a beast. The problem is getting the coin to level them up. I really wish I could work on getting my tarbosaurus or nundasuchus to high levels but I really need to prioritize so my coin just goes to good rares and epics because, after all, they are usually better at the same level. Such a shame though


I love my Nunda! It costs a heck of a lot of coins (mine is now lvl 19) but she is really worth it. Helped me win multiple battles!


Deinocheirus is my fav!! I’ve got 10+k waiting to level her up (although she hardly spawned for me during the event which was disappointing) - I live near a lot of bus stops, so they’re everywhere. Between speed and rampage, for a common she holds her own for sure. She takes down pyroraptors in one shot. :}


The immune totally works with orphie. He has a high crit chance and armor peircing so if he can survive a hit or two he will do damage.


Tany has a diet of eating indo cloaks.


YES. Deinocheirus is incredibly common in my area, and she’s currently my highest levelled dino, and one of my faves to battle with. I’m almost positive that some people have underestimated her strength :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally. They see her and bring out a raptor of some sort, not realizing that a) she’s faster than most, and b) with her rampage she can take one our in one shot.


Tany, Nunda and especially my girl Tarbosaurus are all wonderful.


Wow, you are getting some use out of your tarbo? Interesting.


I raised myself until lv 18.:t_rex:
Also enough DNA for 19, but coins exhausted.

It’s a pity local spawn here is Parasaurolophus, and Tarbo spawn area is several km away.
Could’t get there in daylight, or I’ll got more Tarbo DNA.:t_rex:


Stronger, faster and higher chance of Crit than T-Rex you can bet your butt I’m using Tarbosaurus.


Yea the game is balanced very well thanks to our epic developers! Every dino is great at high level when used right! Even against indoraptor! :wink:


Is really Majunda so good? What and how much powerful are shots in her arsenal?