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Don't use Bajatonodon as Healer against Mammotherium Boss

I found in a few battles in a row, my level 20 Bajatonodon will get knocked off by Mammotheriums Definite Power Rampage, I think even if a distraction is applied to it. It may survive if there were 2 distractions applied.
I think Baja gets picked on because it has higher hit points than the other 3 creatures I was using which were Tyrannolophosaur, Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus which is a great trio of damage dealers. I then ran with my usual Diloranosaurus and did fine. Mother picked on the next highest instead… Allosinosaurus who can seem to survive as Dilo and Tyranno can both distract in the previous turn.

If I used a higher hit point creature or something with taunt, I could make it past this rampage. I’ll play around and see what I can come up with another week maybe.

Lol so what your tell me is Baja sucks in both pvp and PVE


High Hp Healer/ shield. she only has one damaging move.
What would be fun tho is if she had a counter. just the shenanigans that could happen because of that. i know it doesn’t make sense but she can just not attack you at all for 6 turns with the right move order. giving her a counter would make her so much more annoying. and it can even be a .25 counter.

today we beat him with a level 17 Baja

I think if my Baja was one level lower like 19, it would have had less hit points than my Allosinosaurus and would have been fine. Rampage goes to the highest hit point creature which happens to be Baja. If I want to use Baja, then I have to find a creature that has just a few more hit points like Diplodocus. I think Diplodocus can take the full rampage.

sorry I forgot a little great detail: my Allo stunned him both times

Use parmaloch. Team shields as well as heal

You’re problem was tg ya GPS and DPR stacked, so anything unboosted would get OHKO’d, take either a cunning (Dilo) or a nullifier (Mono)

I use baja with ardontosaurus
That works

baja is so much better, but against mammo boss dilo is the best cuz it can distract and nullify mammo.

I want like to point out that baja is the best healer against nemys

Tuoramoloch, paramoloch, tenato, Dilorano, Dilorach: allow us to introduce ourselves

Tenons isnt really a healer so much as jack of all trades

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baja is better than them

anyway what the heck r u saying about para, paramoloch sucks

Lol it’s not close it’s actually has the exact same stats a Paramoloch.

Only difference is it has speed control instead of cleanse, along with instant charge Instead of IC. Plus you know 20 extra speed, stun, decel and distraction resistance

Toura though is the king of healers Baja isn’t even close. Followed by dilorach, then tenato by technicality then dilorano, and then a tie between Baja, para and Eddie.

If only they got a use in pvp…
i feel my old team is completly dead,i used to love playing hadrosaurs and dilorach


Ya idk why they just didn’t do pvp kit and the pvp kit

Having a Dino that’s great in pve and not in pvp = more total Dino’s to boost per player.

I’m more curious how far their gonnna go with these raid mechanics because this game now includes the holy trinity.

Standard raid progression tends to be you need something from raid a for raid b and something from b for raid c and so on.

In our case raid A gives us a dps role Apex which will also do well in pvp.

But will they continue to give us dual purpose Dino’s that excel in both pvp/pve or will we start to see more pve orientated apex Dino’s… like say some apex healer that’s amazing in raids useless in pvp but is essential to beating the next raid boss.