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Over the months I’ve heard many people complain about the RNG factor in JWA and for the most part I’ve tried to stay objective but it’s been a month and a half now and I’ve been stuck at between 3700-3800 trophies unable to reach 4000. Admittedly I got a solid squad of Dinos, some level 20s and a couple level 21s including a level 21 Stegodeus and a level 20 Stegoceratops which help anchor my team. But without a doubt when I’m about to cross over to the next level I’ll stunned to eternity by a Paramoloch which in the most recent battle stunned my Stegodeus 6 straight times. I’m all for parity in the game but come on. I’ve never delivered more than 2 straight stuns with my Paramoloch so much so that I’ve permanently benched him lately. Don’t me started on the uselessness of Indominus Rex. Can’t remember the last time I got 2 straight cloak deflects w/him. Now I totally understand that the game gets more competitive as you climb the ranks but it seems like there are specific plateaus in the game that are meant to be made impossible to cross without an all out super squad. I just lost 10 matches, all on ridiculous stungs and improbable and highly unlikely performance play against me. Not asking to Ludia to take all the randomness out of the game that would be dull and predictable but games should be determined more by skill and less by random hail Mary’s.


I went on a bad losing streak last night. It happens. Sometimes luck is in your favor, sometimes it’s in your opponent’s favor. And sometimes it ends up coming down to skill. I dropped back down to Jurassic Ruins because of my losses last night. I haven’t had a losing streak like that for a while.


I am the same sitting between 3800 and 4000 , as I’ve said before long as my Inc slots are filled I am not to fussed.
I think we should just climb anyway because off the 2 new arenas.


Ok, I Feel like this subject comes up a lot. Post a pick of your dinos. I have no dinos at level 20, a few 19s and some 18s and Im 4100. I was 4200 and climbing at the reset but I was hitting the wall because my dinos weren’t high enough. Strategy plays a big roll as does luck but I pulled my stegocerotops from my line up and keep my para on the sidelines


Luck has a big part to do with it , lot off loses because there stun works mine dose not same with cloak :slight_smile:
Dose make me do a evil laugh when my stuns and cloaks work and there’s do not :slight_smile:
But here’s my team at the moment


Luck definitely plays a huge part…not strategy. I have 2 level 23 in my team ie Indorap & Stegodeus with the remainder between levels 19 to 20. What happens is that these 2 dinos goes AWOL everytime I battle which is why I am leveling up the rest to even up the team. HOWEVER coins are a lacking so it’s back to grinding them up one pitiful dino at a time.
I am stuck between 4200 to 4300.


Toss a coin 6 times and you may well get 6 heads - thats probability for you; not going to go over that again here though - god help us there are enough threads that do that. In my experience it does balance out - your brain just remembers the despair more than the triumphs.

Progress is definitely down to the strength of your team and your strategy (luck just throws a curve ball every now and again, good and bad) - I was stuck around 3800, took some advice on my team (the forum is great for this), swapped a few round, levelled up a few, changed my approach on a few things and am now around the 4100 mark - I think I can advance a bit more but not much until I unlock Indoraptor and Tryostronix and level up a few others. You simple have to improve to advance.

And on the subject of strategy throwing on an I-Rex and relying on cloak which has a 50% probability of working (and to be really useful it generally has to work twice) is not a strategy - at least not a good one - but something I see again and again. I-Rex on, cloak. Really? Oh look my Tragodistis has invincibility. :roll_eyes:

IMHO the I-Rex should be used for its damage and for its immunity (can’t be stunned or slowed) - you can almost feel the surprise from the opponent when you throw one on and don’t cloak. At L19 my I-Rex can usually take two hits and still be alive and has done a lot of damage in that time. Then throw cloak on - it fails, you die anyway, it works you get to punch the air. Won a lot of battles that way.

Sorry for the essay …


Great essay! Loved it! Solid advice!


Yeah I only use cloak when it’s about to die so 50/50 to get extra hit in and if I have us3d cloak and the being trag in if irex has decent life I swap it out.


I’ve been keeping track of my Critical Impacts on my Utahsinoraptor. I average between nine and twelve attacks per critical hit.

Meanwhile, my stegoceratops will crit once every six attacks.


There is already topic for rng complaining. This site is so annoying to read as there is millions of topics for same stuff. Why do people feel the need to create yet another topic when they can discuss about it in already existing threads. Sorry if I sound like a-hole this wasnt attack just for Almooj3, this was just thought that comes to mind everytime I see new topic about something thats been discussed elsewhere. Though I partly blame this design for this website.