Don't you just hate it when

I absolutely hate it when the opponent sends out Indominus Rex and the first skill they use is cloak. It just boils my blood. It’s stupid and I hate it so much.

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U know what boils their blood more is when u insta swap to trago and get to use invincibility agianst them :joy:


Or swap to pretty much anything that is faster and appropriate level that can throw up even a basic shield before it APRs.

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I would’ve liked to swap in my Tragodistis, but it wasn’t picked with the magic 4 ready to battle. Maybe I should add Alanqa to the team.

I think it’s funny when they do that and I have my Suchotator or Monostegatops out. Or just swap in something with instant invincibility :grin:


If you have Dioraja or Tryko, they can both ruin Irex if played right.

Dio is a lil more situational, as his instant invincibility is on a one turn delay. You will need to be paired with Irex from the start to use the invicible shield. Or swap into Dio, gain SIA attack bonus and pop short defense.

Tryko will just laugh at Irex under any circumstances. Well, unless you hit the wrong button or lag out. :sunglasses:

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It’s annoying, but I think it’s worse when the opponent leaves I-Rex as the last dino, when your invincibility user or nullifier may already be gone… then goes for the “heads or tails” supreme strategy…

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Stego normally takes it out…

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What really boils my blood is when they bring tragodistis and the first move is instant invisibility. I just hate it, it makes the battle much longer
(This has nothing to do with indominus, i just wanted to vent a little)

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Agreed. Trago is literally the most boring dinosaur in battle. I prefer a horny Gorgo every time