Don't you just hate when the game decides you need to lose

So I activated my 8 hour incubator and decided to get a quick game in before going to bed to fill the slot back up. This is how it went.

Game 1: ok I just need my indoraptor to dodge any 1 of the 3 attacks and I’ll win the game. 0/3 attacks dodged. Loses game.

Game 2: ok I just need this 75% chance stun to work and I’ll win the game. Stun fails. Loses game.

Game 3: ok indominus just needs to dodge a single attack and I’ll win the game. 0/2 attacks dodged. Loses game.

Game 4: ok I have this game won. I’ll easily survive the counter and his attack and I’ll win on my attack. Opponent crits on both counter and his attack despite 5% crit. Loses game.

Game 5: alright I just have to swap to my indominus and take the hit and then my attack will win the game. Opponent’s indominus crits. Loses game.

I won the 6th one to get my incubator but man that was a long quick game to get an incubator slot filled :slight_smile:


Haha some times the game decide you must lose, is a fact


Can confirm. 6 loses myself to refill an incubator slot. If I could I would just catch dinos, but my location means to get darts I need those incubators.

Up until a week or so ago , I certainly felt the game was kind of against me . Win one lose one , win two lose three etc… and on you tube the gamers would go on about the bots and cheaters . But since recent updates it seems way more balanced , and I feel like I am playing other people rather than bots . So although it’s unfortunate to have a run like the op had , it doesn’t seem to happen as often as it used to

I track all the stunning moves to see how closely the actual stunning percentages match up to the percent they list? Against the 75% stun move, I was stunned 12 times in a row before one move didnt work. Meanwhile my 75% stun move has worked 4 out of 9 times.

At the moment I’ve almost given up on the Arena. I cannot get anywhere because it’s either entire stun based teams or hugely higher level dinosaurs that just whump me.


I used to get really frustrated with losses like these when I could barely keep myself in arena 8 but now I’m at like 4500 trophies so I don’t let it bother me.

yep, today was horrible. Fortuna didn’t smile for most time of the day. I was somehow thrown out of one match (match already started, then it said connection failed, back in main menu. Trying to start another match, screen freezes. Restarting game, back in the original fight, ready to lose) and in the other matches it was like you described in your post. Is it possible to cheat the game to get more favorable odds? If so, then some people are using this.

I can confirm the percentage of stun, dodge and crit are like a double dice roll on RPGs, you need at least a 3 to stun with 75% for example but it comes a 2 on the dice… just bad luck. I experienced this as well, but I also experienced many times with my Stegoceratopo a stunning triplet in a row with the attacks of 75% then 33% and even with my 10% minor stuning attack. I often have bad luck on my crit attacks, even with creature that increase the percentage of success…

I rarely see crits and never get stuns even from a 75% chance of stun move. But time and again I’ll be crit’d dead when I’ve been winning and stun lockee for 2 turns in a row from 15% stun chance moves. I just roll my eyes at this point. I ain’t a lucky person, so this is basic law of the universe. I just wish it wasn’t ground into my face just now with a 8 loss streak.

I believe the game wants me to stay in Badlands arena because every time I need one win to advance the game gives me an over powered opponent. I have literally been stuck in the same arena for 2 months now

The chances in the Dino descriptions are all fake. Fact! There is a hidden system that decides your chances in the background.

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