Dont you think monomimus got his hp nerfed too much?

I totally agree with nerf he is op right now, but i think 900 HP is way too much, evasive stance wont have sense since there will be huge chance that when he uses this he dies, he will be 1 shooted very often, i agree with nerf but maybe take him away little less hp


Yes, I also think 2700 is too delicate.
That means in fair level, I-raptor could even able to 1 shot kill Monomimus with 2x rampage without critical.

Due to Monomimus was originally designed as speedy I-raptor counter, this nerf too much decrease the chance of it to knock out I-raptor before been killed.
And it comes with I-raptor buff.:thinking:

I think 3200~3300 would be more appropriate.


2700 Hp at lvl 26 is currently level 20 Hp. Nerfed 6 levels.

Stegod is unchanged vs low armor non Bleed dino’s. Monomimus is unplayable in all circumstances. It hasn’t got a single niche use.

Few people can get it upto lvl 26. No one will level it now. 50 percent chance to die without inflicting any damage on the opponent if it tries to evade. One weak shot if it doesn’t try to evade. Waste of a creature.


I dont feel bad for making to top 50 and never leveling mine past 16 now :joy:


While I do use Invincibility Emu on my team, I also dread fighting them. When they chain dodge every single attack including counter attacks its just plain unfair and infuriating!

Great change!


Dodging every attack on a 50:50 evade.

That would be the real problem. Ludias implementation of Psuedo Random Number Generation is poor.

But saying that gets my posts reported. What a joke of a community. When algorithms that need fixing won’t. Queue prople who assume its 50:50 because it says so. But we need nerf a Dino because it has 100 percent dodge. Really consistent logic.

I had a fight last night actually where the Monomimus nearly soloed my entire team! I didnt have a null selected sadly so had to deal with it. I actually counted out each and every single dodge…

…it was TWELVE, YES 12!!! Dodges! The only reason I didnt lose sooner was because I kept rage swapping because I wanted that sob down!

I kid you not it was the closest I ever came to breaking my phone how angry that made me!

I am an ex-professional programmer, I have coded Pseudo RNG before in small games and I can tell you that there is NO WAY IN HELL this is straight up 50 50 dodging! This is downright broken repeating algorithm, nothing more! Which annoys me even more because in this case there was nothing I could do about it!

Hopefully they fix the code in the next update!

Oh and for the record, to have 12/12 dodges, the odds of that happening (outside of broken code) have to be in the millions! Yet these occur so often its not even funny!

Edit: And that 12/12 wasn’t including counter attacks from my Rajakylo (which were ALL dodged)!


Sadly our community supported by Ludias staff will let truth be hidden.

It’s clear the PRNG is the actual problem. But you will get warned for even asking for it to be fixed.

Cure the disease not its symptoms. Make 50:50 that fits a pascal triangle like it should. And it would be fine.

What I think may have happened is that the devs have recycled the code used for damage reducing abilities, you know where you cut their damage in half, and then do it again with another Dino and they do zero damage?
So I think that after evasive stance has been used twice, the code sort of “doubles up” and makes the 50% dodge added to the previous 50% giving 100% dodge for an unknown amount of time!

We shouldn’t make comment on some dino only based on extremely good/bad RNG battle experience.
Or I could based on some non-dodge any single attack in 3 turns experiences, and say that Monomimus is lame and don’t need any nerf.:sweat:

My opinion is clear, yes you can nerf Monomimus, but 2700 hp will let it only useful when your opponents can’t nullify and you are very lucky.


Always possible of course, but these long string of dodges that just shouldn’t happen make me thing bad programming is to blame! Just think of what are the odds of someone flipping a coin and guessing correct 12 times straight! Or the countless 6-9 times straight you read about on the forums…it happening this often isn’t just “it was bound to happen” when it happens so much and so often!

I would give ANYTHING to take a look at the dodge mechanic code for even 10mins!

Ludia have already admitted gross innacuracies. Maybe the dodge is just set at 80 percent. They really need to tell the truth to players. So decisions to nerf Moni while buffing Indo for apparently the same evade make sense.


How many other pieces of code don’t do what they say they do! Id be very surprised to see the dodge chance on Evasive Stance is actually 50%!

From what ive seen its either 75%, or the code is getting bugged out and causing 100% for some rounds!

I just wish they would admit these things and be honest! I mean its not like we can fire their devs on their behalf so what are they afraid of?

Its 1 in 4096…


I don’t know. I always think that Monominus will eventually got nerf. Still, the HP that can be one-shoted for a legendary even at level 26 is kinda too much?

Oh well, she did nothing wrong. But as for what she DID to me so many times in the past, make me have no symphathy so her.

Monomimus definitely got nerfed way too much. It was my only great indoraptor counter where I didn’t need to rely on luck. My other nullify dino monostegotops is too low lvl even though it is in my team.


Ludia please nerf his hp but no so brutal i have him on lvl 20 and i played him many games and have many matches when i dodged nothing, of course there was some where i dodged everything, but if someone will rely on 50:50 it will be useless, when mono will use evasive stance there will be huge chance that he will do 0 dmg because if he gets hit he will die, galimimus and ornithomimus they will at least hit with 1x attack and then they will have chance to Dodge and auto swap next turn, mono will use evasive and if he will get hit he dies in many cases,

A level 22 Monomimus just took out my full HP, level 25 Stegodeus, which, for the time being, is the most OP dino in the game… So, as I see it, the nerf is well deserved, even though I have a level 20 Monomimus on my team.

Edit: Now that I have cooled down a little, I would like to re-iterate that I am generally against nerfing, since people have invested time and, in many cases, money to obtain and level a particular creature, because of its outstanding performance in the arena. If players and Ludia feel that a creature is OP, it would be better to buff potential counters, rather than nerf the creature itself. For example, rather than nerf Monomimus, Ludia could have increased Tanycolagreus’ attack and given it a cleansing move, similar to the one Gorgosuchus has.


Welp I’m not gona complain too much. I kinda expected some kind of nerf so I stopped leveling up my dodge emu anyways. Plus I got 3-0’d today by an opponents monomimus so this will be a bit refreshing. Besides now with monostegotops being the dominant mono I can finally start using him without feeling obligated to use the emu instead

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It did deserve nerf just not that brutal nerf.