Dont you think monomimus got his hp nerfed too much?

Yeah I agree. I’m just salty at the moment cuz of that 3-0 from earlier. I’ll always like his design anyways

There is a reason why monosteg getting buffs. Monomim is no longer the first choice(or a choice at all really) for high lvl nullifier! hopefully gallimimus can come into the wild now that it’s hybrid is becoming a joke!!

Honestly, I think removing evasive stance without nerfing the health would have been better. Less rng is always better lol


But evasion is like a signature thing for the gallimimus and ornithomimus group


Instead of removing evasive put it on a two delay. And give it a longer cooldown. So players don’t sit in evade mode exploiting the questionable dodge.

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They absolutely hammered it :grimacing:

Monomimis was the best dono in the gane with evade distaction and nullify allone now it deserved a dock in something

Agreed… I always complained about Monomimus around here, even after I made mine… but the problem was the evasive stance, not the health… This much nerf doesn’t make sense, especially when they buff I-Rex and Indoraptor!

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I thought monomimus was perfect the way he was. cry babies are ruining the game.


Yh i don’t have one yh i am glad it got nerfed and yh i thought he was to op yh i won’t be making one now aswell and yh we ruined the game

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Really someone Monomimus evaded 12 times?? My Monomimus must be broken then, she cant evade at all, where most of time she died at turn 2.

To be honest, I see no problem with Monomimus HP, but the evasive stance need a relook instead of nerfing Monomimus HP.

What IF my indoraptor can dodge 12 times? Nerf Indoraptor as well? simply just doesn’t make sense.


Just imagine if any dino you spent lots of DNA and coin, then they nerf it…

Now you can say you don’t have this one, but you couldn’t always be lucky.
Unless you leave the game.

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Because of Bleed I will try to lvl immunity dino’s. If immunity gets nerfed I lose big.

Nerf meta not fun.


that chicken is more difficult to upgrade than indoraptor…not quite fair to nerf 6 level! HP is even lower than that of magna… and mono-chicken can’t break thick skin either…


Erlikosaurus Gen 2 HP=3150…while a legendary monomimus’ HP has only 2700…it’s CRAZY!!!


You just get a point I want to say but didn’t mentioned before lol.

In patch note, they said ** it was way too powerful when considering its component ingredients and rarity.**
Hmm…what rarity?

Combination of a local limited epic… and a not in wild, also not able to collect until arrive arena 8 common.
(To be honest that just not really “common” as the literal meaning)
Compare to I-rex & I-raptor, both based on T-rex, one of the most common wild epic, and V-raptor.
Which side is easier to gain is really obvious.
But they still buff I-rex & I-raptor, and nerf Monomimus.

That feels like “these are movie star dinos, so we couldn’t let them weak”
And “too many people whining on that, so we destroy it then no one will complain again”


spinotasuchus are too powerful in update 1.5…come and join monomimus’s 2700 group!

one shot kills the precious maga and monomimus, while poisoning the tanks as well …fair !!!

The rise of yhe bleeders better get collecting all that dna for spina before its to late

I am uncertain as to why lethal wound wasn’t given a delay or a longer cooldown tbh

It is highely unrealistic to ask for buffs to several things over the nerf of one dinosaur. If you want my honest opinion, I agree with what everyone is saying, they absolutely slaughtered the dino unnecessarily to the point where it is unusable. However, I believed and still do that evasive stance should have never been put into this game so soon without testing it first. The notion of a one turn delay is a good idea. There’s nothing I hate more when opponents bring out mono or I-raptor and immediately use evasive when it is the sub-optimal play and get lucky dodges. This also wouldn’t be an issue if there were more regular patches done to the game to trial and test how to correctly balance dinos and abilities…wishful thinking I guess…