The problem isn’t boosts.
It’s uniques and legendaries that break the rock - paper - scissor aspect of the game.

  • Diloracheirus is both scissor and paper (raptor qualities with antiraptor qualities while being better than both)

  • Trykosaurus is both rock and scissor (chomper and the tank while being better than both class)

  • Thoradolosaurus which is like a double scissor (too fast for a chomper with priority)

  • Erlidominus which is another double scissor (too fast while being an immune cloaker)

  • Dracoce-Rat-OP-s which is a shotgun in the rock-paper-scissor game.

Boosts only break broken dinos further. It is not boosts that are the main problem.

Nah, boosts aren’t the problem. Boosts are just the result of a concept started with 1.5 update. Dinos are able to one, two shot other dinos. Battles are shorter, but many times first hit or speed advantage decides the outcome. Erli was able to oneshot same lvl Dracocera before boosts.

You can’t stay in top 250, cause they changed matchmaking. Take away boosts and you still won’t be able to climb in top 250, cause you will be matched with teams of lvl 30 dinos no matter how low you will fall. If they would bring back pre 1.7 matchmaking you would be comfortably in top 250 even with boosts still in game.

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And you are matched with other teams of lvl 30 dinos, no matter in which arena you are. Before you were matched with players in arena you are, now you are matched with players that have “similar” teams.

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Nope, if you boost same lvl Tenonto on same tier that Thor is, you will tie speed again. Only problem with boosts is how they are used and that some could buy more boosts than others, so are ahead for now. If somebody speed Thor to tier 8 speed, will be winning matches when Thor is in lineup, but most likely losing others.


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Boosts are really just a temporary disruption in the game until it all goes back to normal. Eventually we will all be sitting at the same tier, besides the few maniacs who will hit t8/9 early while sacrificing stats on other dinos. And then boosts will nearly be irrelevant since we’ll all have our new base stats. It will all even out eventually.


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