DOT Damage and Counter-Attack Bugs


I would first like to mention that the DOT(Damage Over Time) Damage is speculative and am uncertain if what I think is happening is what caused the initial crash, but I unfortunately do not have anyone else to test out my theory due to not having anyone else have the dinosaurs necessary to test it.

  1. The event took place in the middle of a battle where I had switched to my Suchotator, a hybrid dinosaur, and my opponent had summoned their Monolophosaurus, an epic dinosaur. Everything was fine except for when the Monolophosaurus had used both of it’s debuffs onto the Suchotator where my dinosaur became reduced to doing absolutely zero damage. The reason why this could be an issue is because before the second debuff happened, I had used my DOT Damage skill called “Lethal Wound” where it does 66% of the original damage after every turn. So right at the end of the turn, my DOT Damage did not even register because it did not know if it was suppose to do zero damage or still carry the original bleed damage. This is where the game ended up glitched and the battle was stuck in limbo where the next round never ended and even if the timer did end, the round ended up resetting.

Now it could be possible that the opponent ended up disconnecting or something else could have happened in the process, but I believe it truly was the combination of the DOT and damage debuff that had cause the crash.

If there could be any other comments into this matter, it would be highly appreciated to help the Devs solve this issue immediately.

  1. The Counter-Attack is actually quite minor, but regardless I still found it odd with what had happened. Essentially I had a hybrid Nodopatosaurus and my opponent had a Stygimoloch I believe or some equivalent dinosaur where they have the ability “Impact and Run” where the dinosaur attacks and flees, but what is interesting is my opponent’s dinosaur had extremely low health, so by the time they had used “Impact and Run” and dealt damage, my Nodopatosaurus had counter-attacked and killed the opponent’s dinosaur before it could switch and then it resulted in me killing three dinosaurs, but we were still in battle and they had summoned another dinosaur and ended up killing mine, giving them two points. But luckily after they had killed my Nodopatosaurus, the game finally recognized that I had three points and I ended up winning the game.

There is a potential bug that could result from that and that is if both players have three points at the end of the round, who would win? The one who had it first or the person who just got the last point after the first winner? Or perhaps it would result in a draw? If it is a draw, then I would find that unfair considering the first person should have won first. As for both players, I have not experienced it happen quite yet. If there is anybody who could comment any details about that happening, I would like to verify what exactly happens for the Devs.

I sincerely hope these two will be solved or if not, have already been fixed, but I am just posting what had happened to me a couple days ago in hopes there are others who can contribute to this wonderful Jurassic World Alive app.

Happy Hunting everyone and stay Frosty!

  • DuskHour


The counter attack issue is a known bug and it does result in a draw if the opponent can get a kill. Your first bug on the hand I am willing to test with you if you like. What is your name and number in game?


I had the same issue with Monolophosaurus knocking my damage to 0, like instead of giving a -50% damage debuff applied each time, it stacked both -50% that Mono can give into a -100% debuff. I don’t know that stacking the two is how the move is supposed to work.


I think that was the intention honestly, but luckily the stack only lasts one turn, so to counter it, just make sure you have an ability to reduce damage, have a shield up, or switch to another dinosaur to make you last longer in the fight for that one instance.

I was flabbergasted when I first experienced it too, but there are ways around it.

At least you know next time.


It looks like my theory was correct and this happened during battle. Notice most of my skills are missing and we were stuck in the same battle loop. It ended up making me auto lose when I left to reconnect.


I had no hang ups or errors while we were testing on my end.


I think we might have missed something. I want to try one last time to confirm that it may only happen during arena or it can happen during friendly matches as well.