DoT moves have been buffed!


It’s now calculated based on opponent dino’s max HP instead of your damage.
Lethal wound is now basically a guaranteed kill against dinos not having cleansing moves. For example, a suchutator can now take down a stegoceratops even stunlocked. Good counter against evasive turkeys, too.

Edit: texts have been changed but gameplay hasn’t yet.
Do you support this (upcoming?) buff?

  • I support it.
  • No, please keep wounding moves as they were.
  • Either is fine.

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Use kaprosuchus dna for gorgosuchus or spinotasuchus?
Is the discription of spinotasuchus incorrect?
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Creature Stats (Diplocaulus Havoc)

spinotasuchus is back to being hectic again then , certainly viable now


Ouch - I did think the last one I was on the receiving end of hurt more than normal


Think I’ll dust off my Suchotator …


This isn’t working as I understand it - just used lethal wound against a dino that started with approx 3000 health and was getting DOT of around 400 not 1000 … :thinking:


I feel its working with my Spinotahraptor. If its supposed to be higher I won’t complain.


I confirm it’s not working (yet?). My Spinotahraptor, who has Wounding Impact, still have that attack deal 50% of its own attack value to the opponent at the end of turn.

But, indeed, those attacks would be more powerful, and interesting, if updated! And could make cleansing and immunity more important if more players strat to use creatures with wounding moves!


I confirm again this is not working yet. I just did a battle with my Suchotator, and its wounding damage is still calculated the “old way”.


Glad its not just me


Tempted putting the spinotasuchus on my team, but the squad is looking rather tight in space right now. In arenas I hardly ever lose to DoT, if it came down to it, I’d just swap. Just got to wait and see… spino is in need of a huge buff, can’t just have speed… considering how hard it was to acquire kapros awhile back, and still now. Who knows, my megalo might have to share some kapros in the future.


Thanks for letting us know.

It is working for BOTs. They used Lethal Wound on my Steg and mine went down quickly.


I rarely lose to creatures with damage over time, because I rarely face such creatures… It seems like almost nobody is using them right now (I’ve used some today just to see how damage over time is calculated - otherwise, they’re not worth it.). A buff on these creatures would add a new variable to the game, and, for example, forcing your opponent to let his creature die or risk a swap could become a thing!

Just as an example, I took the example of Syg, the original poster here, where, say, a level 15 Suchotator faces a level 15 Stegoceratops. Right now, the damage over time is 390 per turn (67% of Suchotator’s attack). With this (upcoming?) buff, the damage would be 907 per turn (33% of Stegoceratops’s health)! That’s a pretty serious buff, and would force Stegoceratops’s owner to take some hard decisions, even if the Stegoceratops succeds at stunning its opponent!


Stegoceratops are pretty annoying these days on the battle field. It would be an interesting sight to see one take damage while delivering those stuns haha. We could definitely use some variation. Battling is so repetitive in matches that i’d already know which buttons to press without having to watch the actual screen, while mentally remembering the opponents cool downs. Moves are quite predictable to the point where I’d say if you don’t got a nice RNG coming along or houdini magic dodging, the match is done.


Well said. Lethal wound can somehow serve as a soft force-swap. More battle strategies to play with if it’s implemented.


I can see myself playing less and less of this game if they keep updating it with ways to specifically counter the dinos I’ve worked hard on over the last few months. It would be ridiculously annoying if DoT was dealing 1500 to my high level dinos. I’ve already stopped spending money on this game except for VIP, but that’s going next. I don’t want to be forced to change my team every month because of some stupid overpowered update. I already spent a lot creating these dinos. I’m not spending more just to level up the updated dinos and swap out ones that have real money invested in them.


There’s no reason a lower level dino should gain more power from their opponent being higher level. That’s just absurd. I guess they’re going to start catering to all of the noobs who think high level players should be brought down to their level to make it more “fair.” That’s the opposite of fair, actually.


I guess they gonna cater to whatever can generate more revenue. A change in arena meta? Of course! More dinos to level up? Bravo!

More variety is generally good. I’m already bored with current one-month-old new meta.


It’s annoying when I’ve already committed to building certain dinos and put a lot of money into getting coins for them just to have to redo it all every month. I’ve never played a game that changes monthly. I highly doubt low level players put more money into it than me because it costs them peanuts to level up their dinos. Some of mine cost 100k coins or more now, which means I have to spend real money to level up or wait half a month to collect coins.


If one wants to stay really high up, a lot of money needs to be burned.

I gave up😂. I just slowly work on getting all legendaries and have fun battling using various dinos.


I hit 5000 trophies before but haven’t been back up to it since then. I bounce around between 4600 and 4900 now. And that’s fine because I know what needs to be done to keep advancing. But the game suddenly changes and now I’m sitting here thinking about how worthless my Stegoceratops (26) and T-Rex (22) will be against some puny level 12 that can do a DoT attack and drain my health. I’m not gonna invest the time and money to build a team of immune dinos after all of the work I’ve already done.