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DoT Suggestion

Ludia, you add new DoT based creatures like Scaphotator, you think that creatures like Stygidaryx or Pterovexus are balanced (cause you don’t buff them despite we call you to do so) and you even add loads of immune to DoT creatures. It just seems that you think that DoT is fine now. It really isn’t. Bleed was powerful months ago but now, in the immune meta, it’s mostly useless. (Mod edit.) My suggestion: you should make immune creatures vulnerable to it. The only way to counter it should be cleansing or eventually the specialised immune to DoT. If you think that immune should stay as it is, then share your thoughts on how to buff bleeders


Now that we have immune tank type Dino’s, rending might become more valuable than DoT. Bleeders have their place in the game but maybe you should work towards carnotarkus or something else with rending moves. I don’t agree that immunes should be bleedable.


Save for maybe 2 dinos, I agree. Rather than a lot of full immune creatures, let’s break them up into partials. Would add variety and new counter plays.


No, thank you.

No, no, no and one more time no.

Sorry but no. Its immune for a reason.

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Sadly i agree with the OP
Bleeding is almost pointless and useless end game
i won’t make a list of the top tier dino which are not affected by that but clearly
1/ ludia need to do something about the immunity and not the bleeding in the game,they have too many advantages:
-Good stats overall (magna,erlidom,gemini,ardentis ,somehow indoraptor which can cleanse,procera)
-No counterpart (you cant do anything to them but if they which they can do whatever they want to you)
-They can 1 vs 1 almost any dino of the game EVEN without immunity

2/ the second enemy of dot is the Swaper (eddy,utarinex,dilora ect…) but atleast,that should be their natural counter part

3/ The last are everything which can heal with
-Dig in (monostegotops,stegoceratops…)
-regeneration (grypolyth,DC…)
-Swap and regeneration

So in end game creatures i see only few creatures affected by dot
And thats almost everything on the list


After the update I finally managed to swap my Draco for Vexus and she’s doing me proud awesome against Thors and Tryk, even Indoraptor Gen1 you just swap in once cleanse is used and they have to take the damage or swap out. Unless players run a full team of immune’s they are still useful.

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Something needs to be done… bleeds and stuns are almost useless against most meta dinos.

Half my team is fully immune… a full six are immune to stuns. And my team is very balanced… speedsters, tanks, chompers… i might add a 7th because it will give my team more depth which is kinda insane.

Immunity is really strong because it negates a ton of skills while requiring 0 input to trigger and never ends. There used to be a trade off between immunity and stats but Ludia got rid of it.

Its like if Ludia created a passive skill that allowed a group of dinos to hit through evasive… then gave it to over half the meta.

I’m against changes to immunity. Why? Simply, cause Ludia will go to other extremity making immunes useless. Here goes boosts for many players. Something else will be OP.

I believe nerfing is worst way of changing creatures. Best is buff other dinos. Making more creatures viable will break immune meta and give bleeders, stunners and distractors a buff. Also this way everybody will face a decision to pull out of team immune creature and remove boosts to include other creature. With nerf everybody is forced to pull some creatures out of team and removing boosts.


Yeah, rending is quite interesting with Purru and Carnotarkus… But as Rending is heavily affected by distraction is almost useless against a Magna for example.

Against Erlidom is fine and don’t expect to win 100% but at least I counter it heavily.

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Buffing those dinos to make them viable in an immune meta would have the exact same results. They would be oppressive against non immunes in general and just push us more into an immune meta.

Take say dilor if you buff him to the point he doesnt need his distraction or stuns to win a matchup and he flat out destroys anything not immune.

So people start stacking even more immune dinos to counter act the newly buffed monsters. Putting us right back to square one.

The only answer that restores balance is less immunities.

Or partial immunity applied to them. Maybe Magna affected by deceleration. Or Erlidom affected by distraction.

Just thought on the way

I was thinking about buffs to creatures that can counter those immune creatures. That would force people to rethink about using so many immune creatures.

Removing immunities on some creatures and giving away partial immunities like candies won’t solve anything. On the other hand removing immunity from game would only unbalance arena more. Yeah, will buff DOT creatures and we will have bleeding meta again. People will cry for their nerf or buffing immune creatures.

Though they could introduce attacks that will remove immunities for limited time.

There are 184 creatures in the game. Only 20 are used in top arenas. We need at least 100 of them viable to compete for 8 team spots, doesn’t matter which rarity they are. Rest are mostly ingredients.

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yup,i though about his aswell
Kind of a new passive which you deal X% more damage
and damage from immune creatures are reduce by X%

It is the one that suffers most in this update XD

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This is the thing I’ve learned from working in the industry as playtester, tech editor for games, game designer: that 99% of people playing games know nothing about game design, and have these suggestions that are better left unsaid.

Immune are immune. Period. End of the story. People invest at least 12 months (unless they pay the hell out of it), more likely 18, to go from zero to Magna (or Erlindominus, or whatever unique) level 30. This was the packet they had, this was the journey they opted to. And they selected these dinos because they were immune.

Instead of suggesting the destruction of a year and a half of people’s work, I’d rather suggest to start developing new dinos, that people can create without being forced to “event-unique components” BS, and that they come with some very strong point and some weaknesses to counterbalance those.

Also, please, stop complaining “this dino ain’t working because that dino is stronger”: start working on making your dinos stronger


Perhaps bleeds/DoT is more aimed at the low end of the game and not the high end?


Right now we have too many immune dinos or partially immune dinos in the endgame. Now, i don’t want them losing immunity or being nerfed(the only exception being perhaps Gemini, since It came from nowhere), so If more very strong non immune dinos were added to the game, stun and bleed would not be useless, cause people would use those dinos. Tryko is a perfect exemple of this, not immune, but almost everyone has It on the team. We need more dinos like that so that immunity is not the dominant aspect of the arena.


Immune needs to stay immune. That’s their defining trait. If tanks became more relevant, bleed would be better. Stuff like Carnotarkus.

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