DOT when I had invincibility shield active?

Just finished a battle. My Amargocephalus had invincibility shield active vxx and my opponent did a Lethal Wound attack. My dino took no damage initially but he was DOTed. If an invincibility shield is active he she not be taking ANY damage, including DOT. Lethal would does not break a shield, either.

Nope, DOT ignores shields. Shields ONLY prevent direct damage, unless it’s a nullifying attack or a defense shattering attack.


It was in 1.4. Dot passes shield invincible or not.

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Working as intended.

Then it’s not invincibility. Should be renamed to semi-invincibility or something like that.

Maybe names will change with 1.5.

Not so superior strike.
Instant (after any SIA’s) charge


But you have no issue with it being called invincibility when it can be defeated by defence shattering?


Uh defense shattering is different. It removes the shield. When the invincibility shield is active and you still take damage it’s not invincibility.

Hahahaha. Everyone will just have their own explanation when it suits them. LOL

its the shield thats invincible not the dino…


Invincibility protects from direct damage but not from status effects like slow, stun or dot. Makes sense to me…

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Bahaha I love all of these :joy:

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youll be upset to find out that evasive stance doesnt dodge DoT either.


Immunity (Active skill) vs Invincibility (Active skill)

Both of my dodgers, Indominus Rex and Monomimus, are immune, so I was not aware of that… Are you saying that DoT works against Indoraptor?

yes indo bleeds

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was looking forward to reading that… lol


(I’ve used this before but it still works :joy:)

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i was looking for a something about mary meme the other day. “we have a bleeder”

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Bahahhaa ohhh man, what a throwback movie.
Ben Stiller is hilarious :laughing: