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Double Battles

A New Arena To Battle In. Doubles! Each Team Has 4 Dinos As Usual, But 2 Dinos Fight 2 Others! All Creatures On One Team Needs To Be Knocked Out For A Victory. Double Trophies Stack With Single. Also some moves benefit.

Mutual Fury Boosts EVERYONES STATS! Allies 2, enemies 1.

Instant Distraction Hits Both Enemies.

Debuff Swap In Attacks (like swap in slow) will hit both enemies.

Swap in defence/Invincibility protects both allies.

Overall I think a doubles arena would be really cool.

This should make battles far more interesting.
Indo gen2 and utahsino are still the crown jewels of my team and I will use both of them.
But could you imagine the trolling when your dinosaur can survive a rampage but Indo gen 2 decides to use mutual fury lol.

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So if you swap in two SI-wound creatures in the same round, both will bleed both opponents? That’s 50% opponent health each turn, for 2 turns.
If the opponents aren’t immune to DoT and they don’t swap, that’ll be 2 birds taken out with…two stones? Two dinos taken out with 2 birds? But dinos are birds.

Anyway, this would be fun and interesting.

On escape abilities would also be fun to use 2v2. Especially since SIAs would be more effective. SI-distraction, for example.
I suppose SI-savagery would only affect one opponent? What about other direct-damage SIAs?

Swap-in Defense and Invincibility protecting both allies might be too much. Because then you don’t have to predict which of your creatures is going to get hit by a big move. And having to predict opponent choices can be a lot of fun.
But it could work either way.

Co-op would be really cool

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