Double boosts from strike today

Anyone else notice that today’s boosts strike required 3 battles and gave out 25 extra boosts? Maybe a bug/glitch or a new boosts strike setup? An explanation would be great.

I do remember seeing that somewhere in the past, might have been datamined. I’m here for it!

Hey Infinirex_Sterben, the extra reward is part of this week’s Tournament Clash theme. :smiley:


This was great so thank you Ludia :grinning:

I’m really happy with the amount of boosts we’ve been given lately. Normally I only get one, maybe two boosts for my creatures per week, and all these extra boosts finally allow me to progress, especially in helping out my new Troodoboa.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t notice the announcement. Btw, it might be helpful to have in-game notifications for such things. Especially for those who don’t necessarily use the forum as it may cause some confusion.

Ludia has been very generous lately with boost handouts. I like this a lot.