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Double dna and donating epic dna

has there ever been a double dna event or atleast the idea of it in ludia offices. it wouldnt be a common event, it would appear for special days like christmas, saint pattys, new year, chinese new year and the others. it would be too op if it was for a week, so i think it would be better if double dna appeared for a few days. i also think donating epic dna would be nice. i dont think many people would donate epics if the coin prize isnt over the moon. if you want to make donating epic dna a thing, you should take the clash royale route, so donating epic dna is possible only on sundays or some other day, but not every day.

I like the donating epic dna idea. maybe you could get 30 coin for 10 dna

no, thats the rate of coin for rare dna. i think 10dna for 200 coins, but that might be too much

maybe 100 coin