Double evolution

I’ve seen some videos of people being able to evolve two dinosaurs at the same time. Is there something I missed or is this a special event that comes around?


I’m not sure I get what you mean Jamie?

I’m evolving 2 dinos right now and the weekend just gone we was able to evolve 4 dinos with the extra chambers we had


U can normally fuse 1 dinos for free just like the hatchery if you want to fuse another one you have to spend 100 bucks inorder to fuse your 2nd dino. And this week had a special event where you could be fusing 4 dinos at the same i don’t know the price of the other incubators tho.


Ahhhh ok I didn’t know you could spend 100$ to get a 2nd evolve going at the same time. I know the event that just passed but I thought it was some VIP past thing that I maybe missed. Well this changes things for sure! Thanks🙂


@The_Phoenix So the prices for the four chambers were 1- free 2-50 DBs, 3-75 DBs, 4-100 DBs. @Jamie_Hand I think the price for the normal second chamber is also only 50.

Normal second is 100 DB, it’s why I only use it for 8 hour fuses

Yea it is, confusing it with the price from the community event, my bad