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Double Helix Project


Hey everyone! We are JW fans, a group of people who like to make dinosaur art, especially designing new dinosaur hybrids. You might have heard of Project Helix, but now we are back and under the new name Project Double Helix!! We would like to invite all of JW community to join us if you’re interested in knowing more about what we do, OR simply joining us to present your precious dino-related art pieces to all of the community! The goals of the Project Double Helix include :: -Community involvement -Pushing to see real designs and creatures presented to Ludia -Working to make balanced, original designs -Streamlining the process with real, achievable goals Why hesitate? just click the link below and it shall bring you to our discord channel PDH discord link –

JWA Artwork!

Pls join we need members


I’ll bite. May I post memes there?

edit: many won’t be Dino related


Sure just don post in the planning sectors.


No way, I’m not a heathen


Hook a brother up with his own meme channel?


Uh sure join first




Its a cool project join if ur interested in concepts and new dino ideas for JWA!!!


i agree it is very exciti


Hello pls join.


I would love to join. I like to make art/memes a lot.


Hi we need members