Double hit on DNA Cost?

Has anyone else noticed being ‘charged’ double for DNA when taking advantage of the creature discounts. (Today was 15% off aquatics I believe)

I keep wanting to verify and forget to look at exact totals but this has happened at least four times. Today I had around 2,110,000 DNA left. I purchased a Liosicthodon as I recently unlocked that, which ran somewhere around 40K with the discount, and my total went down to 2,070,000 (or so). When I came back into the game this evening I had only 2,030,000 left! This same scenario has occurred a few times but I always forget to write down the exact amounts and to double check my math, but it’s always the same: Purchase a discounted creature, looks good, but come back into the game later and my DNA is even lower by an amount similar to the purchase (but I only have 1 new dino)


I can’t say that I have noticed this.


Hello there wgrc1971! You can reach out to our support team at with your support key included and they’ll be more than happy to confirm whether anything is wrong.

Thank you!

Thank you! I will reach out to them!!!

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i mean technically its still a discount, just a negative one :wink:
is that a negative 100% discount? :dark_sunglasses: