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Double Pterosaur Hybrid Battle Royale (JWA Battles #16)

Welcome back to JWA Battles, the series found on the Jurassic World Alive forums. By now we should know how the game is played.

Last time, Tryostronix and Megalosuchus had a duel that ended up with one getting split in half. Spoilers - it was the actual crocodilian hybrid with 2 dinosaurs.

This time, we have a battle between Dimodactylus, Pteraquetzal, and Darwezopteryx, the Double Pterosaur hybrids! Who will come out on top?

Height: 4 Ft
Length: 7 Ft
Weight: 150 Pounds
Wing Span: 12 Ft
Flight Speed: 50 MPH
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Advantages: Faster, had the best buid for bititing
Disadvantages: Smaller than its opponents, a little too much smaller
Dimodactylus is a hybrid of the well known Dimorphodon and the lesser-known Tupandactlyus, in-game this makes it the small and medium pterosaur hybrid. One of the fastest flying hybrids, Dimodactlyus can fly well over 50 MPH. It can bite harder than most Pterosaur hybrids out there as well. It is on the smaller side, though, and doesn’t have much physical prowess to back it up, not including its claws. Overall, the Dimodactylus is fast and hard-biting, but isn’t too physically powerful.

Height: 14 Ft
Length: 24 Ft
Weight: 375 Pounds
Wing Span: 27 Ft
Flight Speed: 15 Ft
Weapons: Beak, claws
Advantages: Largest, stabbiest beak
Disadvantages: Slowest out of the bunch
A hybrid of two of the most famous pterosaurus, Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus, Pterquetzal is another flying hybrid that isn’t that fast by any means, but it can do some damage to other flying creatures. With a large size and a sharp beak, it is gonna bring you some pain to your life. However, Pterquetzal is rather slow and doesn’t have too much on its size to back this up. Overall, Pterquetzal is the definition of “Peck-Out-Your-Eyeses,” but is not too quick.

Weight: 250 Pounds
Wing Span: 19 Ft
Flight Speed: 30 MPH
Weapons: Bite for some reason, claws
Advantages: A good combination of speed and size, deadliest bite
Disadvantages: Not too large, nor fast, giving each opponent an advantage of their own
A hybrid of Darwinopterus and the Quetzalcoatlus rivaling Hatzeogopterus, Darwinzopterus is a medium-large size pterosaur who can bite. Ok, who’s idea was this? It has strength on its side, along with a bit of speed and can cause some major wounds in its foes. However, like most pterosaurus, it lacks physical strength and is only in the mid-tier for speed. Overall, Darwinzopterus is strong, but not in physical strength and is only mid-fast at best.

Pteraquetzal is seen flying, carrying a deceased young Tyrannolophosaur and plans to feed it to his young. Meanwhile, Darwinzopterus returns from a fishing trip, with Dimodactylus just looking for food. They all land and spot each other. Dimo notices the other two have food, and immediately rushes to swipes Darwin first. Darwin takes claws to the face and loses his fish, getting angry, he attempts to peck Dimo, who is in front of Ptera and pecks Ptera instead, who reacts in the same way in-game, knocking Darwin down for a while. Ptera goes after Dimo for using him as a shield, preparing to grab him. Dimo manages to dodge, but barely. He claws Ptera, who rebounds with a peck, which actually pierces Dimo, and shoots him to the ground, before picking him up to take to the sky. Ptera rushes back down and smashes Dimo to the ground, taking him out. Darwin catches Ptera off guard with a bite, forcing Ptera to shake him off and begins to peck. The two fly to the sky, pecking and biting each other as they go. Darwin swoops and attempts to quick swipe, before getting pecked in the face. Annoyed, Darwin bites Ptera’s wing, and swoops downwards, preparing to let go in a few seconds. Ptera breaks free mid-air, and, appearing as a critical hit combo, pecks and swipes Darwin, forcing him out the air. Darwin hits the ground, taken out. Ptera takes his meal, and notices an adult Tyrannolophosaur, who is looking for its young one, before deciding to just take the fish and shift the blame to a few pyritators.

Can these guys EVER get to have their meals? Anyway, this is a battle that doesn’t need THAT much explaining… most of the battle is them pecking each other’s eyes out… ok, in all seriousness? Pteraquetzal’s victory was mostly due to size. Unfortunately, Dimodactylus couldn’t keep up in Darwinzopterus or Ptera. Sure, he could cause some major cuts in the other two, but otherwise didn’t have the means of keeping up. Darwin was close to Ptera’s size, was a little faster, and could actually bite. However, where things actually get interesting in the battle: WHO could make the killing blow? While Darwin could bite, Pteraquetzal’s beak actually gave him the win more times than not, as he could stab Darwin with it, far more effective than biting with a beak. Both could claw each other and give deep cuts, so Ptera won’t be leaving the field without many brusies. However, the weapon and size of this reptile mattered in this battle, making the winner Pteraquetzal!


Do you agree with the results? Calcs? Comment down below. Don’t forget to vote the next contestant!

  • Spinonyx
  • Utarinex
  • Majundaboa

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Is anyone betting Dimo? Sorry @Dimodactylus, I don’t think you have that much of a chance here.

uh, @SonicNTGD Why are all the Height, Weight, Length, etc. blank?

Was doing something for a while and I figured, why not do a sneek peek? In the sneek peek, stats can’t be seen.

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Ok, I think I may have gotten some of these calcs wrong, since this was a bit different than normal, although I think I got this one right.

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I had the most unique death of the 3

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Ptera yeeted ya pretty hard


Gee, looks like my habit has been passed down :frowning:

Yep, but the next one is Utarinex VS Dracoceratops

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