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Double S-DNA this week

So, this was a pleasant surprise. It turns out for all this week, S-DNA from battle events and packs are doubled.
So for example, if you complete the Clash of Titans this week. You’ll get 100 S-DNA instead of 50. So for those of you who still don’t have Spinosuchus, looks like you’ve got a boost for this week. :smiley:


How did your figure that out? I am planning of finishing Clash tomorrow. Looking forward to 100 SDNA. Soon its Spinosuchus no 2 in the stable :smile:

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I think there’s no need to translate it.


I’m asking myself if this applies to the SDNA event tomorrow too.

From what I’ve seen in the S-DNA pack for tomorrow, it doesn’t look like it sadly. Of course, it might turn out to be doubled once you open it.

Depressing, I had to close the game an restart to get the 2X benefit. Did all the missions for today with regular 1X… So if you do not get doble S-DNA, restart your game and enjoy the benefit :smiley:

Wait, so does this count for code red as well, cos Sarco S DNA is the one I have the least of

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Well, thanks to this, i’ve done it! Now it’s up to Mr.Spinoraptor to stop being a royal pain in the evolution chamber…

I wonder if it counts for the boosted PvP prize wheel… that’s where I’ve been trying to get the super-rare sarco DNA myself.

I just won a micro SDNA package in an aquatic mod PvP. Unfortunately no double reward.

I love the double S-dna event. It can help with finally unlocking the spinotasuchus.

It does seem like the s-DNA reward in the Code 19 is doubled… I think. I haven’t been doing them all that long but seems like most were around 5 points and today I just got one for 10.

I definitely have gotten better at these (although I have YET to successfully do that N one, and the C is not much better)… the secret for me was doing them on my iPad instead of my smartphone. The larger screen makes SO much difference, and I almost never fail to earn at least some reward and contain the creature.


Yes, I got one for 20 points which I never had before. Unfortunately I did not succeed perfectly and only got 10 SDNA, but it was possible.

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Yeah, I don’t usually get the full amount either, but glad to know I don’t have to be perfect to at least get some! Will definitely try more of them this week with the amounts being higher.

I’ve only just been able to crack how to do the trace one, but since I know now, I get perfect containment all the time

Double S-DNA this week is great, I love this concept :smile: