Double stun bugs


In back to back battles, I experienced bugs. In the first battle, my tragodistis was battling another tragodistis, who was 1 level higher, so they go first and they used the stun attack and I was stunned for 2 turns, but the stun attack is only suppose to stun for 1 turn.
In the second battle, my megalosuchus was up against a monostegotops, they were faster (cause almost everything is faster than megalosuchus), and they were able to use the stun attack back to back. When I finally killed the monstegotops, they put in another monostegotops. So i’m suspecting that was a bot. But if we can’t use the same move back to back or the same creature back to back, the bots shouldn’t be able to either.


Hey MikkoAmour, that is a bit weird. Contact our support team at with your support key and more information on what happened during your battles so they can take a look at your account and investigate further.


I had the same. My trago stunned opponent twice tonight. I won but should have lost.


I’ve stunned people with allosino’s defense shattering impact(rarely), but only after I use insta charge.


If it helps the support folks my second stun when it should not have stunned happened immediately after my first sun


Yep, my traggy had 3 “stuns” in a row and only one move against it was actually a stun, the last move against it was an impact and run so definitely not a stun move and it didn’t even retaliate with a counter, just sat their stunned… Actually cost me the game because with the counter it would have killed their dino before it bolted…

Note: I have emailed suggested support email.


in the tragodistis case, are you use the superior strike to slow enemy? then second turn, enemy use the stun to stun you, then 3rd turn, enemy use superior strike hit you, 4th turn enemy use rampage to skill you? If like that, may be you just confuse the turn, actually that would not stun you 2 turn, because enemy is get slower after hit by your superior strike, then in 2nd turn, you hit 1st and enemy stun you will make you stunned in 3rd turn, then in 3rd turn, enemy would hit you but you cannot hit back because you get stunned, in 4th turn, enemy hit you 1st again also,but you can hit it back now. Actually you are just stunned in 3rd turn( 1 turn only). If this this not same as your case, then may be is a bug.


Jacky said it above, however I’m going to weigh in also.
Tragodistis can’t use Stun on the first attemp so it must have been mid battle which means it likely came after you used superiority strike which gives you superiority for one turn but when they stunned you, you missed that turn and it became their turn again.


We both used rampage as our first move. Usually my level 19 trago is higher than other tragos I encounter, so I quickly tapped my attack to be first in case theirs was even level, but this person had a level 20. Then I went to use superiority strike as my second move, but they stunned me. So I couldn’t use superiority strike. Then it didn’t let me pick a move for the next turn. They were all faded out and I could only sit there as they hit me with rampage again.